WWE fans were baffled when the advertised match between AJ Styles and Omos didn’t happen as planned. Fans were treated to a bout between Styles and Apollo Crews instead. The feud between AJ and Omos had been a slow burn over the course of their run as a tag team. There were big plans for the two after their split.

It turns out that Omos wasn’t even present in Little Caesar’s Arena when the match was supposed to take place. He wasn’t even in Detroit. A lot of confusion has surrounded the entire storyline.

Mike Johnson of PW Insider checked into the status of AJ Styles and Omos. In addition to reporting that Omos left Detroit before the start of Raw, he says the two have done some sort of untelevised double turn. Styles is now a face. Omos remains a heel.

“Going forward in WWE storylines, AJ Styles is now a babyface according to several WWE sources, which explains why he was wrestling Apollo Crews last night on Raw.


Omos is, somehow, still a heel, despite the initial breakup between he and Styles tilting in the exact opposite direction.”

The match between Styles and Omos at the recent Madison Square Garden WWE live event was said to be dud. That could explain why Omos went home. Fans will have to stay tuned to Raw to see if they ever run the program back again.

It seems that Styles will be a babyface. This also matches the good guy role he is playing against Grayson Waller on NXT 2.0.

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