It looks like what was supposed to have been the next Shawn Michaels and Diesel split of epic proportions came to an end rather too early, many people feel. AJ Styles and Omos clearly split up last night on Raw, and many feel the whole thing was a tad rushed.

The falling out the two had occurred in the ring during their match against The Mysterios. Omos refused to tag into the march when Styles needed help, thus leading to the physical altercation the two ended up having in the ring as part of the storyline.

They are now set to go one-on-one in a match on next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. According to WrestleVotes on Twitter, there are big plans for each of the two stars in the earlier portion of the new year.

“If it felt like they sped up the Omos & AJ Styles split, it’s because they did. Source says both superstars have significant plans in early 2022, and wanted any type of blow off program done prior to the major Rumble & Mania events.”


Many also wondered why the match wasn’t scheduled for a pay-per-view, like the Day 1 event set for the 1st of January. The hype and feud of the split could definitely have garnered some heat for at least that stage if not a bigger one, but all plans have seemingly been done away with to pursue anything big with their split.

Some Twitter users were relieved it would seem, not many had too many aspirations for the angle, or rather where it seemed to be going. AJ Styles, who signed with WWE in 2016 after a tremendous career in TNA, NJPW and ROH, was trending on Twitter today, and all because many are pretty excited to see the star go solo once again. All that remains to be seen is what feuds either man is set to be attached to in the new year.

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