Dr. Britt Baker has certainly risen amongst the ranks of professional wrestling, and for months she has sat at the zenith of the AEW Women’s Division. She is AEW Women’s World Champion and has been since May of this year. She is holding steady as such after many matches since then. She looked back recently at just which one of her matches from the last year, stands out as the absolute best.

She named her Lights Out Unsanctioned Match from St Patrick’s Day, as being the best, but far more than the violence unleashed during that match, she named this one more because of what it did for women’s wrestling overall – the message it sent to one and all. It was while she was a guest on Busted Open Radio that she made this revelation.

“I’m hella’ biased but of course, I believe that. And it’s not because it was just a great match or it had cool stuff, or even the fact that it had the hardcore elements to it. But it just built such a strong foundation for the women’s division. It added legitimacy to the women’s division that was just so under fire. To say not only it was the best match of our women’s division or women’s of wrestling. But all of wrestling, that’s pretty freaking cool.

That’s something you dream of your whole life. Having a match that people talk about. So, to accomplish that this year, and in my opinion, I’m still pretty early in my career. So, it’s just really hyped me up to keep going and makes me really exciting for professional wrestling and the future of women’s wrestling in general…it turned a lot of people the other way to say, ‘hey, wow. AEW’s women, they really have something special there, you just have to give them a chance.’


That, to me, is the most important thing. That it was finally something positive and something everybody was excited about regarding AEW’s women. That’s the part that will always kind of break my heart that, that match had no fans present. Just because fans are the heart and soul of professional wrestling. Most hate me, which is fine.

It’s just something that at first, I was really sad about. But then I channeled that energy into thinking that’s what makes this so special. That this match got the reaction that it did with no fans. There weren’t 20,000 people on their feet at the end of the match. When we walked back through the curtain it was our own roster. It is its own special little checkmark that this had no fans and it still was what it was.”

Of course, whether they love her or they hate her, Baker is undoubtedly doing her job as a heel. Still, many do wonder: How can you hate on Britt Baker? All that she’s accomplished and all? That’s the thing about pro wrestling though. She undoubtedly has helped to garner attention for the AEW women’s roster and women’s wrestling overall. That cannot be argued.

Baker is set to face Riho at Battle of the Belts set to go down on January 8th in Charlotte, NC. Will she retain, or has she finally met her match in Riho? Guess we’ll find out in the New Year, readers.

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