There has been an obvious divide among wrestling fans since AEW took the world by storm in 2019. Wrestling Twitter and online forums have seen a huge rise in tribalism not seen since the Monday Night Wars in the 1990’s. Fans have been passionate in their support of their favorite promotion. It turns out that same tribalism doesn’t translate to the WWE roster.

Tony Khan has even spoken about the phenomenon. To younger fans, it is the first time they have ever experienced a world in which wrestling has two major leagues. For older fans, it isn’t anything new.

Various reports have come out about WWE talent jumping on the tribalist bandwagon. It is known that higher-ups in the company have blasted AEW as a second-rate show. According to Sean Sapp on his latest Fightful Q&A podcast, those rumors aren’t true. He recently refuted a report by Andrew Zarian of F4W Online that stated WWE wrestlers were joining in.

“No, I have not heard any talent.. I talk to a ton of talent every single day and I never hear that. I never experience that. I hear it a lot with management, and people in the office and stuff, but I never hear it with talent.”


WWE wrestlers are constantly facing the possibility that they could be released at any time. Even the big money deal recently signed by Kevin Owens does not include a no-release clause. AEW offers another place for displaced wrestlers to make a living.

Fans are naturally going to take sides and root for their favorite. There is a totally different situation for wrestlers. This new information will hopefully put to rest some of the rumors going around about WWE superstars sharing anti-AEW sentiment.

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