Impact Wrestling’s Throwback Throwdown II pay-per-view is going down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live results coverage.

The main show will kick off at 8:00 PM and match by match coverage of the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions from the show in the comment below.

No matches have been announced but for one night only, IMPACT Wrestling goes retro for a night of unpredictable action from the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky. Step out of the time machine and into the world of the IMPACT Professional Wrestling Federation (IPWF) at Throwback Throwdown II.

Throwback Throwdown II – Winter War 84


We here Matt Striker and Josh Matthews testing their mics as the FBI warning is on screen. A old school video of Sex Ferguson(Luke Gallows) welcomes us to the show. Dexter Petticoat is standing outside the arena. Muscles McGee will not be competing tonight as he has been detained at the Mexican boarder. Sex Ferguson drives into show. Petticoat asks him about the situation, Sex unintelligibly shouts at him saying he doesn’t do anything for free, gives the finger to Petticoat…

Sex Ferguson enters the ring, his music is drowning out the sound of the commentators… Sex gets a mic as says he is the IPWF International Commonwealth Television Champion. Sex says he never thought had have to come to the armpit of America again, Kentucky. He has the night off tonight, as Muscles McGee couldn’t get into America.

Music hits… Guiseppe Scovelli Sr(Scott D’Amor), the owner of IPWF comes out, he implies Sex planted contraband on MGee. Scovelli says maybe he should take his watch off and get in the ring himself. But he wont, he has a main event opponent, the main event will be a North Pole Street Fight and Sex’s opponant will be Santa Claus!!!

Santa Claus, in a mask, comes out, hits Sex with some jabs, and a bionic elbow! Christmas music plays as Sex backs off.

Commentary runs down tonight card. The ring Announcer Mr Jenkins introduces the next match. Chad 2 Badd(Karl Anderson) makes his entrance. Badd high 5s fans at ringside. The architect of pain, Bill Ding(Trey Miguel) is out next.

Chadd 2 Badd vs. Bill Ding

Lock up to start, the crowd chant “Bob The Builder” at Ding. Ding hits a shoulder block. Badd with an elbow, a armdrag, leg drop to the arm. Badd with a cover, 2 count. Badd throws Ding into the turnbuckle, then the other turnbuckle, “One More Time” chants, Badd misses a dropkick, crotches himself on the turnbuckle, Ding with a cover, legs of the rope, the ref sees it.

“Chad 2 Badd” chants, Ding with a kick to the chest, cover, 2 count. Ding with elbows, cover, 1 count. Ding with a headlock, Badd gets hit foot up off a axehandle from the top rope, Badd with a chop, another chop, forearm, Badd with a double knuckles to the groin, and a big back body drop, cover, 2 count. Badd with a splash, Ding gets a quick rollup, puts his foot on the ropes but the ref sees it again.

Ding with a big clothesline, cover, 2 count. Good lord, Matt Striker is going hard with an Irish accent. Badd with an atomic drop, another atomic drop, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Chad 2 Badd!

A “Keep On Walking” music video from the Rhythmic Warriors.

Ace Recorder, and Editor in Chief, the Sunday Morning Express, make their entrance. Editor In Chief(Chris Sabin) says the Rhythmic Warriors are a couple of menaces, who have been up all night, while the two of them were partying all day, we were getting ready to teach them a lesson, that the Sunday Morning Express always get the scoop. Johnny Swinger and Mikey Singer, the Rhythmic Warriors. make their entrance

Sunday Morning Express vs. the Rhythmic Warriors

A big brawl to start, Singer does a suicide dive onto Editor In Chief. Swinger goes to do one as well but he jumps down and hits a right hand. Ace Reporter takes off Singers wig! Singer does a arm wrench, climbs to the top, walks half way across the ring, hits old school! Editor in Chief runs in, Singer catches him in another Old School! Double suplex from the Sunday Morning Express. Ace Reporter with a headlock, Editor in Chief tags in, Singer hits a double suplex. Swinger tags in, throat chops to both men, atomic drop, headlock, Editor in Chief rakes the eyes. Ace Reporter hits Editor in Chief with an axe handle Singer runs wild on both men, double headbutt, hurricanrana, Swinger and Singer with a double schoolboy, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: The Rhythmic Warriors!

Dexter Petticoat is with Santa Claus backstage! Santa Claus says ho ho ho, how are you doing? Petticoat asks if they have met before, Santa says they met when he sat on his lap. Sex is on my naughty list after what he did to Muscles McGee and Down Town Daddy Brown. Santa says he will go down his chimney, eat his cookies and Sex will be looking at the new champion, Mrs Claus get ready, daddy is coming home with the good. Santa is Willie Mack…

Rip Rayzor(Ace Austin) and Rusty Iron(Gia Miller) are out next. Frank The Butcher(Rhino) is his opponent.

Rip Rayzor vs. Frank the Butcher

Frank the Butcher gets the early advantage but Rayzor hits some strikes in the corner, Rayzor chokes Frank in the corner, Rayzor smokes a cigarette, Frank hits a right hand, Rayzor throws Rusty Iron in the way, Rayzor hits a cheap shot on Frank. Frank hits a chop, the Slice. Frank accidentally hits the ring post, Razor take advantage, ramming Franks arm into the ringpost, Rayzor cover, 2 count.

Rayzor with a stomp, Frank fights out of the corner, Rayzor hits a high knee, Rayzor wraps spikes around his hand, Frank gets them away from him, the ref catches Frank with the spikes, Rayzor hits a low blow. Rayzor gets hits cigarette again, stomps to the arm, arm bar, Frank fights out, hits the Slice in the corner, a big chop, then a lariat, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Frank The Butcher!

Rusty Iron goes face to face with Frank, Frank blocks a slap, Rayzor slits Franks throat with his spike!!! Frank is helped to the back.

The camera hangs on an empty ring for a while… Petticoat is with, the sound cuts out, then it comes back on, audio issues shock Petticoat, he says he hopes Frank is ok, he welcomes Georgia Cobb(Jordynne Grace), former Rough Rider. She will face Ladybird Johnson. Cobb says nobody can deny the Rough riders had a hell of a ride at the top, until Lady Bird shut down the tunnel of love. She will never forgive her for taking out Mildred with a tyre iron, and tore the shirt off Blanch and threw her off the scaffold. you may not respect the Rough Riders anymore but I do, ride them hard, until the day you die.

Ladybird Johnson(Havoc) comes form behind and hits Georgia Cobb. Ladybird beats down Cobb on the outside.

Georgia Cobb vs. Ladybird Johnson

Johnson stomps Cobb in the corner, cobb gets a headlock from behind, Johnson throws her off. Cobb with a high boot, tries to pick up Johnson but she is too heavy. Johnson with boots in the corner, stomps, whip to the other turnbuckle, Cobb with a kick to the side of the head, Johnson hits a front slam, locks in a Camel Clutch. Johnson hits some… crotch strikes(?), cover, 2 count. Cobb with back elbows, lariat, Johnson doesn’t go down, another strikes, another lariat, forearms, Johnson hits a kick to the back of the head, Cobb hits a clothesline and Johnson finally goes down!

Cobb hits facebusters, forearms, Johnson hits a Samoan Drop, Johnson rolls out of the ring and gets a tire iron, the same one that took out Mildred, the ref takes it from her, Cobb picks up Johnson and hits a rolling slam, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Georgia Cobb!

Dexter Petticoat is with Frank the Butcher for a medical update. Frank his laying on a coach with a lot of blood coming from his throat. Franks throat is severaly lacerated. The doctor(Al Snow) need to do a tracyotomy right now! Quincy Cosmos bats up the doctor!

Quincy Cosmos(Rohit Raju) makes his entrance. He gets a mic, says he wants to bring some enjoyment to our lives, he is the bodacious of beautiful, the gladiator of glam, he has drank from the moons of Rigel 7, he is Quincy Cosmos. His stylist has been banned from ringside, but he has something of his own, a locket from Guiseppe Scovelli Sr! Guiseppe Scovelli Jr(Josh Matthews) comes off commentary, says since his dad isn’t here, he is in charge now. he is going to make a match, me vs your. he wants a ref out here right now in honour of his father.

Quincy Cosmos vs Guiseppe Scovelli Jr

Cosmos attacks Scovelli from behind. Scovelli with a shoulder block, atomic drop, hurricanrana, Cosmos trips Scovelli, hits a Russian Leg Sweep, stomps to Scovelli. Cosmos with an elbow drop, cover, 2 count. Cosmos hits a suplex, headlock, Scovelli hits a jawbreaker, a clothesline, a dropkick, then a hurricanrana, Scovelli with a springboard enziguri, cover, 2 count. Scovelli accidentally takes out the ref, Cosmos hits a flatliner, Cosmos’s stylist tries to interfere, Guiseppe Scovelli Sr intercepts her, Scovelli Jr hits a handspring back elbow, then a enizguri, cover, Scovelli Sr makes the count, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Guiseppe Scovelli Jr!

Father and son celebrate together. Scovelli has a heart attack, his son does chest compressions then he is ok.

Rip Razor and Rusty Iron leave the building. Ima Belle(Deonna Purrazzo) says that was very unladylike behaviour. Duke Winchester says they should let the ladies sort out their issues in the ring. Duke leaves in a car and a car crash happens off camera as Petticoat looks shocked.

DJ 2Large(Moose) comes out to do a rap. He says everybody knows his name, his new album is coming out, so he will give us a performance. Colonel Corn interrupts, says rap is something you do to a Christmas present. Rap is crap. The newest sensation of IPWF, Pelvis Wesley! Wesley(Heath) makes his entrance in a Elvis costume. He dances all around the ring, 2Large challenges him to some freestyle bars. Wesley sings Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 2Large says that was whack. Wesley attacks 2Large from behind. 2Large gets the advantage, 10 shots in the corner, Colonel Corn attacks 2 Large, 2Large grabs him but Wesley hits a low blow. Wesley hits 2Large with a guitar!

Dexter Petticoat is backstage with Frank the Butcher. Frank is getting surgery, Petticoat says Duke has been in a car crash, he need a doctor! the doctor says he will get to him after work.

Next up is a 4-Corners Bullrope Match. The ring announcer goes though the many rules. Badlands Bart is the first man out. out next is “Hard” Harry Hall,

4-Corners Bullrope Match: Badlands Bart vs. “Hard” Harry Hall

Bart refuses to put the bullrope on his wrist. He finally puts it on his wrist as Hall beats him down, Hall throws Bart into the turnbuckle, then the other turnbuckle, Bart blocks a third. Hall touches the first turnbuckle, the the second, Bart blocks the third, with the rope, Bart pumphandles Hall with the rope. Bart with an elbow, stomps in the corner. Bart touches the 1st turnbuckle, Hall blocks the 2nd with the rope, Bart hits a forearm, Hall hits a forearm, Bart with a splash in the corner, then again. Hall trips Bart, taps the 1st turnbuckle, then the 2nd, then the 3rd, Bart blocks the 4th and hits Hall with a spinebuster.

Bart stomps on the mat, hits a elbow drop, He taps the 1st turnbuckle, then the 2nd, then the 3rd, Hall blocks the 4th with the rope, hits a clothesline. Another clothesline in the corner, forearm, then another. Hall touches the 1st turnbuckle, then the second, the he hits Bart with a side slam. He touches the 1st turnbuckle, but goes after Bart on the outside.

Bart hits Hall with the cowbell. He chokes Hall with the bullrope, then drags Hall around on his back, he touches the 1st turnbuckle, then the 2nd, Hall touches them too, he touches the 3rd, as does Hall. Hall tries to fight out, he flips over Bart and touches the 4th turnbuckle!

WINNER: “Hard” Harry Hall!

Dexter Petticoat is backstage says next month they will be in Canada, but right now Sonny Sanders(Sami Callihan interrupts, says they better be careful, there are al lot of Rough rider fans in the locker room, he says Emile Grenier needs somebody to watch his back. Hitmaker Sebastian Baker(Jimmy Jacobs) interrupts, Grenier doesn’t need somebody to watch his back, he need somebody to make him a star, and everybody knows if you join the hit factory, a contract is on its way. His record speaks for itself. DJ 2Large turned him down. Baker and Sander argues.

Up next is a ladies match. Ima Belle(Deonna Purrazzo) makes her entrance. Rusty Iron with Rip Rayzor make their entrance.

Ima Belle vs. Rusty Iron

Belle with strikes in the corner, Iron hits a jawbreaker, Iron stands on Belles hair, then chokes her in the ropes. Irons locks in a headlock, Belle fights out with elbows to the midsection. Belle hits a back elbow, Rayzor grabs her leg, Irons with chops in the ropes, facebuster, knee to the face, Iron with a camel clutch. Belle fights out, misses a splash, Iron with shots to the back of the head, snapmare, another snapmare, Belle with a back elbow, then a clothesline.

Belle hits a clothesline, another clothesline, Thez press, another back elbow, Belle hits a splash, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Ima Belle!

Rip Rayzor and Irons threaten Belle. Frank the Butcher comes out and runs them off! Frank still has wires coming out of his throat after his surgery!

Petticoat is backstage, Franks recovery is a Christmas miracle. He welcomes Tim Burr(Josh Alexander). Tim Burr makes his entrance. Burr says there is no man or tree he cant cut down. He will take Eric “The Red” Wood(W. Morrissey) off his feet tonight. Eric “The Red” Wood makes his entrance.

Tim Burr vs. Eric “The Red” Wood

Wood overpowers Burr, Wood with a back elbow, Burr with chops, Burr with shoulder tackles, Wood clotheslines Burr out of the ring. Wood with forearms, Burr tries to pick up Wood, he fails, Wood with a double axe handle. Wood with forearms in the corner, Burr fights out of the corner, ducks a clothesline, hits a chock block, goes for a bodyslam… he cant do it.

Wood picks up Burr, Burr escapes, he hits a double axe handle. then another off the second rope. Then another axe handle. Burr goes to the tope rope! He hits an axe handle, Wood still doesn’t go down. Wood locks in a bearhug. Burr is fading, but he fights out. Burr boxes the ears, catches a boot, then tries to saw his leg off with his arm. Hits an elbow to the leg, Burr hits a bodyslam!!!!! Then hits a legdrop, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Tim Burr!

Dexter Petticoat is backstage with the doctor, he says the surgery was a success. He forgot about Duke Winchester. Doctor Snow(Al Snow) wakes up and picks up a head. Somebody comes in and asks what does everybody want? He is taking dinner orders. Snow says that was disappointing.

Jazz Fitbody(Madison Rayne) makes her entrance. The $237,000 Man makes his entrance. He says lets talk about fortunes, he is a man who has been met with misfortune lately, he was the $300,00 Man, he was the 284,000 Man, but today he is $237,000 Man. That’s more than we’ll every see in our lives. Fitbody does sit ups while he is talking. His fortunes are about to turn around, at the expense of Fitbody. He has made a new investment, he introduces the wild, the wicked, the wolfish, the thriller, the killer, Wanda the Werewoman!

Jazzy Fitbody vs Wanda the Werewoman

Fitbody does jumping jacks, offer a handshake, Wanda kicks it away. Fitbody tries to get Wanda to do exercises. Fitbody does the Thriller dance… Wanda doesn’t and chokes Fitbody, she throws Fitbody across the ring. Wanda does an airplane spin, then a Samoan Drop, cover, 2 count. Wanda with a splash in the corner. Wanda with a shot to the back, another splash in the corner. Fitbody gets a headlock, Wanda throws her off, Wanda with the Claw! Fitbody with a shot to the midsection, Wanda gets the Claw again. Fitbody fades, Fitbody with kicks to the gut, he ducks under strikes while doing squats, Fitbody with a big kick.

Fitbody hits a bulldog, she kicks the $237,000 Man off the apron. Wanda bites Fitbody, the bell rings, Wanda is disqualified.

WINNER: Jazzy Fitbody!

Fitbody is in pain in the ring, is she turning into a Werewoman?

Dexter Petticoat is backstage. He hasn’t seen biting like that since he left his wife for her sister. He introduces S.T.O.M.P. in Paradise, G.I. Broski and Brian Bone Crunchin( Matt Cardona & Brian Myers). They say the Russian made the biggest mistake of their life when the came to America. They will light them up like the sky on the 4th of July. They do the pledge of allegiance for all except the commies. The Russians are out next.

S.T.O.M.P. in Paradise vs. The Russians

Broski starts with Stalingrad Strangler, Broski hits a bodyslam, lock up, Broski gets a headlock, shoulder tackle, Broski blocks a hip toss, tags in Bone Crunchin. quick tags in and out, Crunchin hits an elbow off the second rope. Sergei tags in, shoulder block, Sergei with stomps, Crunchin with a flying shoulder tackle. Stalingrad Strangler tags in, arm bar, Sergei with armbreakers, cover, 2 count.

Sergei accidentally hits armbreakers on the Stalingrad Strangler! The Russians thrown into the apron. Stalingrad Strangler cover, 2 count. Stalingrad Strangler with a headlock, Broski tags in, clothesline, back elbow, clothesline, Stalingrad Strangler thrown into the corner. Stomps in the corner, running boot in the corner, cover, Stalingrad Strangler gets to the ropes.

Broski misses a dropkick, Sergei tags in, chokes Broski in the ropes, Broski hits a facebuster, throws the Stalingrad Strangler out of the ring, The Russians hits a double Russian Leg Sweep cover, 1, 2, kick out! Sergei misses a legdrop, Crunchin tags in, he runs wild, body slam, dropkick, spinebuster, cover, Sergei breaks the count at 2. Cruchin gets a sun set flip, Broski shoot him with a water gun, S.T.O.M.P. in Paradise hit a double team, Samoan Drop/neck breaker, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: S.T.O.M.P. in Paradise

S.T.O.M.P. in Paradise celebrate with some beers.

Up next is our main event. Petticoat introduces Sex Ferguson. Ferguson comes out with a trashcan full of weapons. Ferguson calls McGee a chicken, he should have the night off, does Santa have his own doll? No. Ferguson claims Santa is Down Town Daddy Brown(Willie Mack)! Its a travesty. Petticoat say Santa and Daddy Brown look nothing alike. the legend of Sex Ferguson will live forever. Santa Claus makes his entrance to Christmas music.

IPWF International Commonwealth Television Championship Match – North Pole Street Fight: Sex Ferguson vs. Santa Claus

“Lets Go Santa” chants. Lock up, another lock up, Ferguson powers Santa to the corner, Santa gets am armbar, Ferguson pokes him in the eye. Big right hand from Ferguson, Santa thrown into the apron, Santa with a shoulder block, hits Ferguson in the midsection with a crutch. A lot of sex jokes from commentary…

Santa with a kick to the midsection, Santa hits Ferguson with a crutch, Ferguson gets a horse head from under the ring, Santa puts it on Ferguson head and throw him in the ring, Santa rides Ferguson like a reindeer. low dropkick from Santa. Ferguson rolls out of the ring, Santa throws Ferguson into the steel steps, Ferguson with a low blow.

Santa hits a low blow of his own, Santa goes down with an injure foot Ferguson was wearing a cup! Ferguson hits Santa with the cup, Ferguson tapes his wrist and chokes Santa with the tape. Ferguson throws a chair into the ring, sets it up in the corner, Ferguson throws Santa into the chair, cover, 2 count. Ferguson takes off his boot, Santa runs through the boot, takes his own boot, then they both hit each other with their boots.

Santa with big right hands, a huge crossbody, Ferguson hits a low blow! Ferguson gets a pack of beers, “Lets Have Sex” chants. Ferguson gets a can of beer, goes to hit Santa but decides to drink it instead. Santa with a low blow, Santa drinks the beer, this a Stunner, then a big senton, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” IPWF International Commonwealth Television Champion, Santa Claus!

Santa takes off his mask… its Down Town Daddy Brown! Down town Daddy Brwon celebrates with the IPWF International Commonwealth Television Championship. The locker room empty to celebrate with the fan favourite. They all drown Sex Ferguson with the beer. Down Town Daddy Brown throws presents from Santa’s sack into the crowd as Throwback Throwdown II goes off the air!

Martin Dickinson

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