WWE releasing wrestlers unceremoniously from their contracts is getting the company bad press as of late. Almost everyone has some harsh words for the professional wrestling giant – but the guns seem to pointing towards AEW, at least for now.

It all began following the ousting of Urban Meyer. The 57-year-old was fired from his position as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars this past Thursday (December 16). For those who don’t know, Jaguars are partly owned by AEW CEO Tony Khan.

New details about Meyer’s firing emerged Saturday after ESPN reported that Jaguars intend to withhold the remaining guarantees on Meyer’s contract. The disgraced coach had four years left on his contract when he was relieved of his duties.

The decision that the American football team is unwilling to pay Meyers comes more than a month after Khan took a shot at WWE over their latest round of releases. The AEW head honcho had dubbed WWE contracts as “temporary arrangements” and referred to signing with AEW as entering a “real contract.”


According to Andrew Zarian, the controversy surrounding Meyer’s sacking has created some confusion in the WWE locker room, with many wondering what’s the definition of a “real contract” as stated by Khan back in November.

With that said there seems to be a divide happening between talent in both companies.

Spoke to multiple sources yesterday & they feel like many would not go to the other side if there was an opportunity.

“Either you’re team WWE or team AEW for many.”

Zarian went on to add that a divide is already brewing between talent in the two companies and that many WWE performers have expressed their unwillingness to jump ship in case an opportunity comes by.

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