There is a locker room tradition of shaking everyone’s hand. Some people don’t like to honor that age-old tradition and Eddie Kingston has a way of dealing with that, because he’s old-school.

AEW Wrestler Eddie Kingston recently made a guest appearance on Swerve City Podcast. He discussed the origins of his anger issues and explained how the anger baggage has impacted him for the majority of his life.

Kingston revealed that his anger got its roots from his childhood. Since then, he carried that negativity everywhere he went, all his life. That particular thing felt like a heavy weight on his chest for almost half of his life.

Eddie Kingston performed on the independent circuit for the majority of his in-ring wrestling career. He worked for various promotions such as CZW and GCW. Kingston told a story of how one veteran would not shake his hand, and what he did to get back at him. He didn’t name drop him, but this was a story that stuck in Kingston’s brain.


“I’m not gonna say who it is, cause we’re cool now, but there was a point in time where one guy wouldn’t shake my hand in the locker room, a veteran. So instead of me just being like, letting it go, I use to follow him to the bathroom and wait outside the bathroom and be like, ‘Hey man, what’s up?’ Or I would be like, right before his wrestling matches, I’ll go, ‘Hey man, what’s up?’ Just to see him shake my hand and fu*k with him.”

Whatever he did in his life, be it was pro wrestling, fixing cars, or doing iron working, he had that anger baggage weighing on his chest. Kingston openly admits that he smokes weed to calm his nerves and mind. He reveals that he used pro wrestling to escape from all those negativities in his life.

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