John Cena’s presence on Twitter is strong, and that is clearly an understatement. Across the board on social media, even Instagram, he is a barrel of laughs. On Twitter, Cena is full of inspirational quotes and of course posts updates on his career. These days his career updates focus most on the plethora of film projects he has coming up.

Most recently, he is set to be seen in The Peacemaker spin-off series from his role in The 2nd Suicide Squad. It’s slated to drop in January and many are excited about it for sure. The Summer of Cena tour was the last we saw of him in WWE, but it isn’t at all likely the last we’ll see of the legendary future hall of famer.

Speaking about ‘seeing,’ Axe Body Spray reacted hilariously to John Cena following them on Twitter. They alluded to the fact that they couldn’t see him while shining a light on his old catchphrase, “U can’t C Me!”

just got a new follower but don’t see anyone


NXT superstar and current North-American Champion, Carmelo Hayes also responded in a similar fashion to John Cena following him on Twitter. Twitter is an interesting platform to follow Cena on, as he is always ready with inspirational quotes like these to start your day on the right foot:

“No need to seek the uncomfortable but no need to run from it. Challenge yourself to build the strength and support to lean in when called upon…

Those who’ve betrayed my trust have been my biggest failures. Those who have honored my trust have been my biggest successes. I’m grateful for ALL and learn every step of the way.”

Carmelo Hayes debuted in NXT in much the same way that John Cena debuted when he smacked Kurt Angle right across the face back in 2002. Hayes did the exact same thing earlier this year, even screaming “Ruthless Aggression” before slapping Adam Cole. It’s plausible that Cena was paying attention to him all along.

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