The Young Bucks are known sneaker heads. Matt and Nick Jackson frequently include stops at local shoe stores in cities they travel to in Being the Elite. They even wrestled in super rare Dior Jordan 1’s.

Recently, Complex went shoe shopping with the Bucks. The former AEW tag team champions talked about their love of shoes. They also discussed the sneaker trend that has become quite popular in wrestling. Matt talked about what got the brothers into shoes in the first place.

“Being 90s kids, it was all about Michael Jordan. We just wanted to be Jordan. And we were poor kids and couldn’t afford any of the shoes. So we’d see all our friends wearing [Jordans] and would be so jealous. So now we’re like, ‘We can afford these shoes that we used to really want as a kid? Let’s buy all of them!'”

As far as wrestling in the Dior Jordans, Matt said it was the perfect thing to get heat during their heel turn. They bought the shoes to do specifically that. Now, they build their entire ring wardrobe around the sneakers.


“We were turning heel. I told Nick, “What is the one thing we can do that can piss off so many people?” I’ve been obsessed with the [Dior Jordan 1s] since they came out. I said, “What if we buy those and wrestle in them?” I knew it’d be a big thing, but I didn’t know it’d be as big of a deal as it was. We stumbled on something really unique. From that point on, any pair of shoes we wore to the ring, we built a costume around them.”

Matt credits Shane McMahon as the first to make sneakers popular in the squared circle. He says the Young Bucks made it trendy. Nick noted that it is a relatively new phenomenon.

“I feel like we actually made it a trend. If you look on Instagram or Twitter or any social media, you’ll see wrestlers in sneakers, and that wasn’t a thing 3 or 4 years ago.”

The Young Bucks place their footwear hand in hand with the characters they’re trying to present. They even got specific, very expensive kicks to make fans dislike them. That said, their addiction to shoes is very real. You can check out the entire interview below.

What do you think of the Young Bucks’ sneaker game? Let us know in the comments!

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