Goldberg is considered a major special attraction by WWE. The former world champion gets paid big money by the company to wrestle just a few times a year. With only one match remaining on the deal, Goldberg and WWE have some decisions to make.

While making some appearances in AEW sounds enticing, Goldberg comes with a hefty price tag. WWE’s Saudi Arabia deal frees up enough money to make it feasible to sign the superstar. It’s unlikely that Tony Khan would dump that kind of money into a 55-year-old wrestler. In the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer analyzed Goldberg’s contract situation.

“The biggest name deal up is Goldberg, who has one match on his deal. His deal is huge money for only a couple of matches a year and I believe no-cut as well. It’s a deal that I can’t see making sense for AEW to compete with because they don’t have the Saudi windfall money that carries his deal.

Goldberg turns 55 so you don’t know if they think they’ve gotten all the nostalgia out of him, but they also don’t have those special attractions except he and Lesnar and Edge (and Shane McMahon who is still under a talent contract) because I doubt Paul Levesque will be wrestling and Undertake is done, although Undertake and Austin are on huge money deals (as Ric Flair was) just to keep them part of the promotion ‘forever.'”


Bill Goldberg is likely reaching the end of his in-ring career. Although he may have a few matches left, the insane price tag that comes with booking him will be a detriment to most promotions. It sounds like it’s WWE or nothing for Goldberg, unless Tony Khan thinks he’s enough of a draw to throw crazy money at.

Do you think Goldberg has more than one match left? Share your opinion in the comments!

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