Beth Phoenix’s last night as NXT Analyst was at last night’s War Games event, and although it was sad for many, it seems as though Phoenix and her family are happy to have her back home. Edge, her husband, of course wished her well on Instagram in a heartwarming message.

Of course Phoenix dominated as a wrestler and is a Hall of Famer in WWE. She took the job as analyst on NXT full-time as of 2019. Of course she was a part-time commentator and made many wrestling appearances from 2017 to that point after she had retired. Her focus remained at the analyst’s desk moving forward. Edge’s message read as follows:

“I want to wish my far better half @thebethphoenix a wonderful send off tonight in her last call for #NXT Fittingly she’s going out with a bang since it’s #NXTWarGames This is a job she never thought she’d do, let alone excel at. She’s her own toughest critic.

But thanks to some wonderful partners along the way, and some serious work put in, including doing it remotely during the pandemic, she blossomed, as she always does. With all of that being said, we can’t wait to have ya back home to ourselves. Knock em dead Auntie Betty…”


Of course if you blinked, you missed it, but even Wade Barrett shed a tear for the departing Phoenix…. Of course we’re kidding, but the banter between the two will surely be missed, as will her expert opinion and classy addition to the NXT table.

Of course Edge said it all best in his message to her, his wife, and as he embarks on one of his last few storylines on Raw vs. The Miz, we’re sure he’s happy to have Beth by his side as he embarks on yet another feud. As he has stated, we don’t know how long he will be staying, but we’ll enjoy his time with us in the ring as long as we can. Much in the same way we all enjoyed having Beth call matches over at NXT. We here at Ringside, wish her well.

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