“Dirty” Dutch Mantell has been very opinionated as of late and really he has a right to be. He is a legend in the business and his opinion is offered as constructive criticism at times. Regardless, wrestlers would do well to listen to his warnings. He was, of course, known to younger WWE audiences as Zeb Colter, Jack Swagger’s manager and later Cesaro’s as well.

It was just last month that he had a particular problem with Charlotte Flair’s ‘Uh-oh!’ promo before Survivor Series, and Mantell being Mantell, he let everyone know exactly how he felt. As it would turn out, he now has an opinion about Liv Morgan and it’s refreshingly different from the way he felt about Charlotte. It was while speaking with Smack Talk that he said the following:

“I think there’s a lot to that girl. A lot. A lot to that girl. She talks well, she works well, she looks great. I don’t know what else you need. What she has, I think she has chemistry, she has a connection with the fans, and they want to like her. They are dying to like her.

She’s almost like- if you went to school with her, she could be your neighbor, she could be your mom’s friend’s daughter, but people are dying to like that girl. I don’t know why they just don’t go full board with her. Toni Storm is good… but she’s been around [on the main roster] for 4-5 years.”


To say that Morgan has been working very hard as of late would definitely be an understatement, and to have the recognition of someone like Dutch Mantell is an honor to say the least. The former member of The Riott Squad definitely has a lot of fan support and many are wondering if Vince McMahon is willing to give her the push that they feel she deserves.

She is putting in the work and is set to face Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship next week on Raw. Her winning doesn’t seem likely, but fans can only hope for more opportunities like this for her moving forward.

Mantell seems to be in her corner, and after all, there was one such legend that benefited greatly from Mantell’s backing and direction…a gentleman by the name of Stone Cold Steve Austin, therefore Morgan should definitely be honored.

Domenic Marinelli

Domenic Marinelli is an author and freelance writer/journalist. Some of his work has appeared in The Sportster, E-Wrestling News, Pro Wrestling News Hub, The Recipe, babbletop.com, Guilty Eats, Par Ex News, CFL News Hub, Daily DDT, XFL News Hub, as well as other print and internet publications. He is the author of Generic V, Summer of the Great White Wolf, His Old Tapes (stories & poetry), and so many others. He lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's an avid reader and loves hiking.

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