Eddie Kingston is one to support Jon Moxley as the AEW mainstay superstar recovers from alcohol addiction issues. Moxley was using alcohol as way to deal with the damage his body accumulated over the years, and many of his fans support him dealing with the addiction by heading to rehab.

Kingston appeared on CBS Sports for an interview with Shakiel Mahjouri. When he was asked about Jon Moxley and the public support he’s receiving, Kingston said that he is with him all the way through.

The AEW superstar also revealed that he told Moxley that he needs the approval of no one else but those close to him. However, he expressed reassurance as public support keeps flooding in for Moxley.

It was great. I was going to rally with him anyway. I guess you could say I’m an old-school street guy. My thing was, ‘I don’t care if anyone else understands. I get it. Your wife gets it, I get it. That’s all that matters.’ It does feel nice that everybody else got it.


Kingston revealed that his girlfriend told him about toxic masculinity, and that he agrees with it. She said that Moxley’s support means that people are more open about their flaws, and want to progressively work on them.

My girlfriend said this to me the other day. She’s the smart one. Toxic masculinity. I never heard of that before. She seems to think that’s dying because we’re actually celebrating men like Moxley who can accept their flaws but also work on them. Back in the day, we used to accept the flaws and move on and not work on them. Now that we accept who we are, we work on them. She says I do the same thing. I don’t know what that means. I still like watching football and eating steak and having a beer here or there.

Eddie even gave advice to “tough guys” who act as though they’re unfazed by everything. He explained that everyone who thinks they’re going through something odd has it all wrong. Kingston believes that people make their own normal.

I usually like to tell people that we create our own normal. If you sit there and say what you’re going through is not normal, that’s bulls—. What you’re going through is what you’re going through. That’s your normal. We make our own. This whole, ‘Don’t talk about things. I gotta be manly.’ I think I’m pretty manly, but I talk about what I go through because I’m trying to see tomorrow. I’m trying to make my mother proud. I’m trying to make my girl proud. I’m trying to make Tony Khan proud. I’m trying to make my boy Monkey [AEW wrestler Ortiz] proud. Homicide. There are so many people that I’m trying to make proud that I have to move on.

Kingston continued and said that everyone defines their own normal, and whatever happens, you can move forward. He also touched upon various other things, such as the role of family in such cases, and setting new milestones in his career.

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