Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas has wealth of experience inside the company. He’s also got a lot of strong opinions. Today, he took to Twitter to talk about how he believes one major star is being misused by the promotion.

In his latest “Reffin Rant,” Korderas said Big E is headed in the opposite direction of where he should be going. He doesn’t think the WWE champ is being featured enough. Big E is somehow being lost in the shuffle.

“One superstar who should be elevated to the next level is Big E, and I don’t see that happening right now. In fact, I’ve seen him taking steps backwards. And I’m not talking about the loss to Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. That’s one thing.

He needed to get some of that steam back the next night on Raw, which he did not. And then, this past Monday on Raw, all the focus seemed to be more… on Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens who are going to face him in a three-way match at the pay-per-view on January 1st.


And he was almost like an afterthought. It can’t be that. Big E needs to be elevated and I’m afraid they’re going in the opposite direction with him.”

Jimmy Korderas also said that Austin Theory was getting a huge rub from his placement alongside Vince McMahon. He doesn’t think the same can be said for Big E’s current booking. Time will tell if WWE does any course-correction with his character or if they are happy with the current approach.

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Michael Perry

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