NXT’s Bronson Reed, who now goes by Jonah in NJPW and evidently Impact Wrestling, was at tapings for the December 2nd episode of Impact. He had made his debut for NJPW on the 13th of November of this year at their Battle in the Valley event. It was there that his character moving forward was also seen, he evidently a heel for the promotion.

It was in his first order of business to attack NJPW and Impact Wrestling faces, David Finlay and Juice Robinson. It was also later that same month – on the 20th – that Jonah would premiere at Impact at their Turning Point event. He attacked yet another face for the company…Josh Alexander.

He spoke recently about just how important it was that Australian wrestlers represent on a global platform very much like in NJPW. On that topic he said:

“I think it’s very important. I think representation is a big thing, and to have other Australians for kids growing up now and they can see Australians. They can go ‘hey if I do start wrestling, maybe I can end up there’ and the dream seems a little bit more attainable than never seeing something that is like yourself on TV.


The newer generation of Australian wrestlers at the moment are getting to learn from a lot of us guys and where we’re at now, and that’s going to help them out for the future.”

Representing his country he is, as well as representing the many wrestlers released by WWE in 2021. He was in quite the pickle after his release. His loss of employment with WWE got him in hot water with the government and he needed legal representation to get him the proper papers to work in the US.

Now that he’s all set, he seems more than willing to wrestle for many promotions. With the ‘Forbidden Door’ possibly opening up wider than it is currently, who knows where this epic talent can end up. For now, be ready to see him on the 2nd of December on Impact.

*Thanks to sportingnews.com for the quote.

Domenic Marinelli

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