The Undertaker reminisces the time when he was forced to call an audible back in his peak days. The Phenom has reflected back on the time when he gave The Rock a big moment.

The Rock and The Undertaker are sublime legends in the wrestling industry. The Undertaker has seen WWE through the rough times and even the glory days. He has mentored superstars like The Rock develop over the years.

On the LOL Network for Kevin Hart’s Cold as Balls show, the legend recalled an audible they called that gave Dwayne Johnson the W. Undertaker revealed the time when The Rock defeated him via pin fall. It was actually against what was scripted and Undertaker was supposed to be the winner of that match.

“Way back in the day you could tell he was right there on the threshold and we were in a match on Monday Night Raw, bunch of different things going on. It got kinda screwed up and I had to audible. I had to change things. I’m the tenured vet there and I remember telling him I said, ‘Alright, kid. It’s your night,’ and he hit me with the Rock Bottom and beat me. It was the right thing to do for business. I told Vince [McMahon] I said, ‘Look, we were in trouble time-wise.’ He said, ‘Anytime, I trust you.’”


There are numerous stories over the years about how Undertaker was seen as a locker room leader. He’s had a strong relationship with Vince McMahon for decades. He mentored legends like The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Brock Lesnar when they were emerging.

The Undertaker retired from the wrestling business back in 2020. WWE held a “Final Farewell” for “The Deadman” at last year’s Survivor Series PPV.

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