The feud between Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch is definitely gaining some steam. If it isn’t the seething back and forth promos, then it’s certainly the intense action we’ve already seen. And boy did the audience see quite a wee bit of action last night, garnering most of the women in the match quite the appreciation backstage.

It was just last week that Liv Morgan unleashed quite the hook on the baiting Becky Lynch. Yes, she gave in to the bait, but she claims it was worth it, as her statements during the contract signing for the championship bout showed last night.

It was during that contract signing that things took a turn for the worse and a match was made by official Sonya Deville, pitting Lynch and a team of 4 women against Morgan with a team of her own.

The match itself was high-octane for sure, and delivered on all fronts, but it wasn’t without incident. Carmella was hit with a vicious clothesline. It was evident on-camera that she was affected by the clothesline and needed some time to regroup.


PW Insider reports that people backstage were thrilled about the segment.

Here were a lot of people backstage who were thrilled with the women’s tag, feeling a lot of talents rose to the occasion after being given three segments during Raw.  

Many of the women in the match got high praise for what they were able to do even considering the hiccup. Overall they were given a full three segments for the match and for those backstage, they overdelivered, according to reports.

Specific stand-outs included Doudrop and Dana Brooke for a particular bump she took during the action.

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