John Morrison was the most well-known of the recent list of wrestlers released by WWE. The well-travelled superstar has been champion in various promotions throughout his career. His tag team with The Miz became one of the more popular of its era.

On the latest 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff said he was surprised to hear that Morrison was on the list of the recently released superstars. The former WCW head said Morrison is a great worker. He’s also easy to work with. He doesn’t know why WWE would not want to keep him around.

“I don’t know, man. John, from the get-go, when he first made his debut in WWE… I remember John just doing a great job. He learned really quickly in terms of his mic work and his skills and his performance backstage… He’s got a great look, he was healthy, he wasn’t injury prone, open-minded guy, easy to work with, had a great sense of wanting to create a great character. He understood the difference between the real John Morrison and the character John Morrison.

…As far as his in-ring presentation, I haven’t watched a lot of his stuff recently, but man. The guy is fluid. He can do so much. So, that one really surprised me first thing this morning when I saw that. And he’s an easy guy to work with. He’s not a pain in the ass. He’s a company guy.”


Bischoff said he didn’t want to comment on the other releases, as he wasn’t familiar with their work. John Morrison’s firing has him scratching his head, though. The two shared screen time in WWE during Morrison’s early career.

John Morrison was the winner of WWE Tough Enough III. He initially teamed up with Joey Mercury and Melina as MNM. He later had a singles run before having a successful tag run with The Miz. Morrison is a former Impact World Champion, AAA Mega Champion, ECW (WWE version) Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, and has held multiple tag team championships in WWE. Time will tell where John Morrison will show up next.

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