Jerry The King Lawler feuded with Bret Hart through a larger portion of the WWE New Generation era than most people remember. The two WWE Hall of Famers proxy war included a Survivor Series match between the Harts and Lawler and his “knights” that was called off after Lawler was arrested.

Recently, The King spoke to Busted Open Radio about some heat he had with The Hitman after Lawler insulted Bret’s parents, Stu and Helen Hart. He said that as times changed, people took what he assumed everyone realized was character work personally. It took Bret Hart’s mom to squash the beef.

“In my mind, I said, ‘what can I say that in the fans’ eyes, would make them think that Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler hate each other?’ So, I went with the insults on Bret’s parents, not knowing at the time that really pissed Bret off. He didn’t tell me until later. It was a while later after we stopped working together.

His mother, Helen Hart told Bret, ‘we loved that when Jerry Lawler talked about us. Stu and I loved it because it made us part of the event. It brought us in and gave us some notoriety. We loved it.’ It wasn’t until Bret’s mother told him that, that he changed his feelings towards me.


There was really animosity when I worked with Bret. I’ll never forget, he put a Sharpshooter on me, and this was a shoot. They had to come in the ring and pull him off of me.”

Fans have experienced real-life heat more than usual lately. The rivalry between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch has been tinged by shades of a real-life animosity between the two. It’s nothing new in the weird world of pro wrestling, according to Jerry Lawler.

What do you think of Jerry Lawler being put in a shoot sharpshooter by Bret Hart? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription!

Michael Perry

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