Thanksgiving is near and that can only mean one thing: Survivor Series! And Ringside News has you covered with live play-by-play results coverage. Start time for Survivor Series is at 7:00 PM EST for the Kick-Off Show. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

This year’s PPV will feature the usual RAW Vs. SmackDown team matches, as well as the Champion Vs. Champion bouts, with no NXT involvement this year. We’re set to start with the United States Champion, Damian Priest, facing the Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura on the Kick-Off Show. Beyond that, WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, faces WWE Champion Big E; RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, faces SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair; meanwhile RAW Tag Champs, RK-Bro, take on the SmackDown Tag Champs, The Uso’s.

A 25-man dual-brand battle royale will take place to commemorate the 25th anniversary of The Rock’s WWE debut, and will feature the likes of AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Dolph Ziggler. And finally, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Austin Theory, and Bobby Lashley represent RAW, and Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, King Woods, Baron Corbin with Madcap Moss, and Sheamus represent the blue brand in the men’s team match. Meanwhile Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Carmella, and Queen Zelina fight for RAW against SmackDown’s Sasha Banks, Shayna Baszler, Shotzi, Natalya, and Toni Storm.

That’s the preview for tonight’s RAW. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


Kick-Off Show

Kayla Braxton is hosting the Kick-Off Show alongside Booker T, Jerry Lawler, Peter Rosenberg, and Kevin Patrick. The panel joke around and run down the card for tonight’s PPV.

We see a video package for Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch. Booker says these two really don’t like each other and he likes to see it coming out like this. Jerry Lawler names Andy Kauffman as his greatest rival, while Booker names Batista, and they liken that to Flair and Lynch. They say these two are as decorated as it comes and tonight they look to prove who is the best of the best.

Team SmackDown is backstage and Captain Sasha Banks is giving the rallying cry. She says they’re the better team and they cannot afford to lose. She goes through the team, Toni Storm, Natalya, Shayna Baszler, and then Shotzi and she pretends she can’t remember her name. Banks tells Shotzi to just follow her lead and they start yelling and the others come between them. The panel discuss this match briefly and say Team SmackDown may have already lost with their in-fighting.

The panel talk about RK-Bro and The Uso’s and take a moment to acknowledge Randy Orton. Tonight Orton breaks Kane’s record for all-time most PPV appearances, and tomorrow night he should break the record for most matches on WWE RAW. As for the tag match, Lawler says RK-Bro can win if Riddle listens to Orton, but Booker says they can’t match the chemistry of The Uso’s.

Tonight marks the 25th anniversary of The Rock’s WWE debut, in a match that featured Jerry Lawler. They ask for his impressions of that night and he says he knew when The Rock sent him flying over the ropes he knew he had something. Booker says The Rock went on to make the wrestling business look incredible. Rosenberg says he interviewed The Rock once and he started to ask questions about wrestling and a publicist tried to stop him but The Rock told her he wanted to talk wrestling.

Intercontinental Champion Vs. United States Champion

Shinsuke Nakamura W/Rick Boogs Vs. Damian Priest

The match gets underway and they lock-up. Priest grabs an arm but Boogs plays the guitar and Nakamura capitalizes on the distraction. Nakamura knocks Priest into the corner and hits Good Vibrations while Boogs plays guitar. Priest goes to the apron, kicks Shinsuke back and hits a rope-assisted leg lariat for a two-count. Priest connects with a flying back elbow and grabs a headlock. Nakamura fights up to the music but Priest drops him, then tells Boogs to stop playing guitar.

Nakamura fights back with a flurry of strikes and a sliding German suplex to Priest hanging on the ropes. Nakamura goes to the middle rope and jumps but gets caught with a spinning heel kick. Priest lands some kicks, a discus punch, then a flapjack. Nakamura counters a falcon arrow but Priest hits a big clothesline, then the falcon arrow for a near-fall. Priest wants a chokeslam but Nakamura counters, chops the throat, then drops him with an enziguiri. Nakamura runs for the Kinshasa but Priest avoids it.

Priest hits a springboard but Nakamura knees him twice for a near-fall. Nakamura attempts the Kinshasa again but gets caught with South of Heaven and Priest covers for two. Nakamura catches a flying armbar but Priest shoves him off and applies an omoplata. Shinsuke is almost out but Boogs plays guitar and Priest let’s go to run at him. Priest takes the guitar and breaks it over his knee, then hits Boogs with it. Nakamura runs out and Priest hits him with the guitar as well!

Winner Via Disqualification: Shinsuke Nakamura

Score: RAW 0 – 1 SmackDown

Kevin Owens interrupts the Kick-Off panel. He says people have been questioning his integrity but tonight is a chance to show people he is who he says he is and make things right. Tonight he will leave everything in the ring and he hopes he can redeem himself to Team RAW, then walks off.

We see a limousine arrive backstage and out steps Vince McMahon! A bunch of Superstars as well as Damian Priest and Sonya Deville are waiting for him and start cheering. Vince pulls out a golden egg from the movie Red Notice and makes them cheer it before power-walking off with a smile.

A video package airs for Big E Vs. Roman Reigns. Rosenberg says Roman is the man and has been the man for a long time, while Big E is still trying to establish himself. Booker says Big E is on an emotional rollercoaster and that could hold him back. They say Big E has all the tools but the experience on Roman’s side is undeniable. They all say they’d like Big E to win but they think Reigns will. And that’s it for the Survivor Series Kick-Off Show.

Survivor Series

This year’s show opens with a video pacakge that heavily promotes The Rock’s new Netflix movie, Red Notice. Vince McMahon appeared on the Kick-Off Show with the golden egg from the movie.

RAW Women’s Champion Vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion

(C) Becky Lynch Vs. (C) Charlotte Flair

This bitter rivalry begins with both women slugging it out. Charlotte forces Becky into the corner but Lynch kicks her in the gut a few times, then gets hit with a chop block. Charlotte looks for Natural Selection but Becky counters into the Disarm-Her. Lynch hits a spin-kick to the face. Flair breaks away and connects with a spear, then lands some ground-and-pound and they tumble to the outside. Becky shoves Charlotte into the ring post.

Back inside, Flair counters the Manhandle Slam and kicks Lynch in the face. Flair slams Becky’s head into the mat repeatedly. Becky rolls to the apron and kicks Charlotte away but Charlotte knees her as she comes through the ropes, then runs her into the ring post. Charlotte goes to the top rope and wants a moonsault but Lynch shoves her off and into the barricade!

Lynch goes after Flair but gets back suplexed onto the barricade. Both women slowly get back in the ring and exchange wild punches and slaps until Charlotte takes her down with a lariat. Flair with some ground-and-pound, then chops and punches in the corner. Becky avoids a knee and hits a springboard kick. Charlotte rolls her up for two, then deadlifts her for a powerbomb and a near-fall.

Becky looks for the Disarm-Her again but gets shoved into the buckles. Lynch wants the Bexploder but Charlotte hits her with an exploder of her own into the corner. Flair goes to the top rope for a moonsault but Becky rolls out of the way and she lands on her feet, then hits a standing moonsault for a near-fall! Becky reverses Flair, who flips over the ropes to the apron and snaps Lynch’s neck on the rope.

Lynch lands a series of punches and knees to Charlotte on the apron, then a leg drop as she’s hanging on the middle rope. “This is awesome” chant from the Brooklyn crowd. Lynch takes Charlotte down with both arms trapped behind her, then transitions to a pin for two. Becky avoids a big boot but gets caught with a back elbow for a two-count. Charlotte grabs Lynch from behind but gets shrugged off, then connects with the big boot.

Charlotte is getting frustrated that she can’t put Becky away. Lynch avoids the Figure Eight and counters a body slam for a reverse DDT. Becky goes to the middle rope for a leg drop but Flair avoids it. Becky avoids a big boot and hits the Manhandle Slam but Charlotte gets a foot on the rope! Lynch applies a Figure Four and they start brawling and clawing at each other. Charlotte reverses the pressure and Becky grabs the rope.

Becky rolls to the apron and Flair boots her off. Flair goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault to wipe Becky out. Flair gets her back inside and covers for two, then goes to the Disarm-Her! Lynch crawls to the ropes, then chops Becky over-and-over. Charlotte rolls Becky up and holds the ropes but the referee saw it. Lynch then reverses the roll-up and she holds the ropes and wins!

Winner: Becky Lynch

Score: RAW 1 – 1 SmackDown

This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Rock’s WWE debut and we see a video package that highlights that.

A video airs of Drew McIntyre, going all the way back from when he debuted until now. McIntyre was recently drafted from RAW to SmackDown and will represent the blue brand in the next match.

Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

Team RAW Vs. Team SmackDown

Team RAW consists of captain Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, and Austin Theory, while SmackDown sees captain Drew McIntyre lead King Woods, Sheamus, Happy Corbin, and Jeff Hardy. The match begins with both teams arguing amongst themselves about who should start. Eventually Owens starts against Woods and KO immediately bails to the outside and walks to the back!

RAW’s Kevin Owens Has Been Eliminated

Austin Theory is losing it on the apron and Woods throws him into the ring. Woods beats Theory in the corner and slams him. Woods grabs a writ and tags McIntyre, who throws Theory into the corner and chops him hard. Sheamus tags in and he chops Austin also. Corbin tags in and he chops Theory as well, then lands a big right hand. Theory tags Rollins, who misses a springboard knee and Corbin whips him to the corner before hitting a clothesline.

Rollins is isolated and SmackDown make lots of tags. Finn Balor tags in for RAW and he too gets quickly isolated in the blue corner. McIntyre tags in for a stalling suplex and a two-count, then tags Corbin. Balor kicks Corbin and attacks the men on the apron, then is forced to attack Madcap Moss but gets caught with a spinning sidewalk slam from Corbin. All Hell breaks loose and everyone enters the match. Corbin and Balor are the last two standing and Finn hits the Coup de Grace!

SmackDown’s Happy Corbin Has Been Eliminated

Hardy and Balor go toe-to-toe and Hardy hits a leg drop for a two. Balor rolls through a sunset flip and connects with a dropkick. Now it’s time for Team RAW to isolate and make lots of tags. Hardy hits a Whisper In The Wind to both Theory and Rollins, meanwhile Lashley and McIntyre start brawling on the floor. King Woods tags in and runs hot over Theory and Rollins. Headscissors to Theory, and he goes up top but Lashley crotches him as the referee isn’t looking. Lashley tags in and hits a spear, then applies The Hurt Lock and Woods passes out.

SmackDown’s King Woods Has Been Eliminated

Balor and Rollins rush in and Finn dives through the ropes onto Sheamus, then Rollins does the same. McIntyre tags in and meets Lashley in the centre. They trade blows and Lashley leapfrogs Drew, then hits a reverse STO and a shoulder in the corner. The action spills out of the ring and over the barricade. Lashley runs at McIntyre but gets thrown up and over the barricade! The referee reaches the apex of his count and both men have been counted out!

RAW’s Bobby Lashley Has Been Eliminated

SmackDown’s Drew McIntyre Has Been Eliminated

After they’ve been eliminated, Lashley attacks Drew, then starts complaining to the referee. McIntyre hits a Claymore to Lashley and officials drag Bobby to the back. Rollins laughs and mocks Drew, so he gets hit with a Glasgow Kiss. Sheamus beats on Rollins but Balor tags in and hits a sunset flip for two. Balor hits a shotgun dropkick and wants the Coup de Grace but Sheamus avoids it, then connects with the Brogue Kick for the pinfall!

RAW’s Finn Balor Has Been Eliminated

We’re down to two for both teams. Sheamus is celebrating when Theory hits a rolling dropkick through the ropes. Theory tags Rollins, who stomps Sheamus in the corner. Rollins grabs a headlock and stares at Jeff Hardy. Eventually Jeff gets a tag and lands a series of clotheslines and a jawbreaker to Seth, then goes to the middle rope for a splash. Sheamus and Theory come in and Hardy hits Poetry In Motion off Sheamus onto Theory and Seth.

With both on the apron, Sheamus and Jeff each hit the Beats of the Bodhran! In the ring, Sheamus hits Seth with the Irish curse backbreaker, then wants a Brouge Kick but Theory distracts him and Rollins hits a superkick for a near-fall. Sheamus wants a tag but Seth pulls Jeff off the apron, then Theory rolls-up Sheamus for the pinfall!

SmackDown’s Sheamus Has Been Eliminated

Afterwards, Theory tells Sheamus to go to the back so Sheamus hits him. Hardy gets in the ring and Sheamus hits him as well before leaving. Seth tags in and hits a frog splash for a near-fall. Theory and Rollins look for a double superplex but Hardy fights them off and knocks Seth to the floor. Hardy hits a Swanton Bomb to Rollins for the pin!

RAW’s Austin Theory Has Been Eliminated

We’re down to two: Seth Rollins for Team RAW and Jeff Hardy for Team SmackDown. Seth talks trash until Jeff kicks him, then htis Russian leg sweep and a leg drop for a two-count. Rollins hits a forearm to the back of the head for a near-fall. Hardy counters The Stomp, then hits the Twist of Fate. The crowd comes unglued as Hardy takes his shirt off and goes up top. Hardy looks for the Swanton Bomb but Seth gets the knees-up. Rollins hits The Stomp for the win!

Winners: Team RAW

Score: RAW 2 – 1 SmackDown

We see a video of Survivor Series 23 years ago when The Rock defeated Mankind in the main event. The Rock then sided with Vince McMahon and became the Corporate Champion.

Roman Reigns enters Vince McMahon’s office backstage and they shake hands. Vince says he wants to show Roman something and he gestures to the golden egg from the movie Red Notice – although this one is real. It was given to Vince by The Rock as a token of appreciation. Vince talks about how impressive The Rock has been and that the egg is worth $100 million. Reigns just says “almost as much as my next contract” and walks out.

The Rock’s 25th Anniversary Commemorative Battle Royale

This match is sponsored by Pizza Hut, so there’s pizza everywhere and the Street Profits bring some to the announcers. The match gets underway and AJ Styles slides out of the ring and stands on the announce desk. Drew Gulak, Shelton Benjamin and Humberto Carillo are tossed over by Omos in quick successsion. On the outside R-Truth gets some pizza, then brings it in as a peace offering to Omos but he’s not interested.

Truth then gives it to Otis and he eats it. Truth slaps Otis on the behind, and gets thrown out for his trouble. Otis and Omos run into each other and Omos clotheslines him over and out. Gable can’t believe it and gets sent to the apron, then Cesaro uppercuts him off. T-Bar is sent out by Ricochet, Cedric Alexander is eliminated by Mansoor, and the fans are chanting for pizza. Angel, Jinder Mahal, Erik, Ivar, are all tossed out. Omos and Shanky meet in the ring and trade shots but Omos quickly throws him out.

Mansoor tries to eliminate both the Dirty Dawgs but he gets halted and catapulted over. AJ Styles is still watching from the outside as Roode runs at Omos but gets shoved over the ropes. Ziggler begs for mercy but Styles hits him with a Phenomenal Forearm and tosses him out. Zayn tries to convicne Cesaro and Riochet to work as a team for SmackDown and they argue so he calls them stupid and they attack him. Zayn is eliminated, then Omos gets his sixth after tossing Commansder Azeez to the floor.

Styles taunts Azeez and gets grabbed. Omos grabs AJ’S feet and pulls at him but Apollo Crews attacks Omos and Styles drops to the floor. Omos tosses Crews out and we’re down to five. The Street Profits, Cesaro and Ricochet team-up to attack Omos. They get him against the ropes but he fights back and tosses Cesaro and Dawkins out, then Ford. Ricochet is the last man left and he dropkicks Omos and chops at his legs. Ricochet tries to send him to the apron but it doesn’t work and Omos throws Ricochet out!

Winner: Omos

Score: RAW 3 – 1 SmackDown

AJ Styles runs in to celebrate with Omos. Styles then goes out to get some pizza but Montez Ford drops him with a kick. Ford then throws pizza into the crowd before running away.

We see a video of the Royal Rumble 21 years ago when The Rock won the 30-man match. The Rock went on to the WrestleMania main event where he faced Triple H, Big Show, and Mick Foley in a Fatal 4-Way, each with a McMahon in their corner. On that night Triple H emerged as WWE Champion.

RAW Tag Team Champion’s Vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champion’s

(C) RK-Bro Vs. (C) The Uso’s

This match means Randy Orton breaks Kane’s record for most PPV matches in WWE history. Riddle starts with Jimmy and looks for an armbar right away but Jimmy fights it. Jimmy beats Riddle into the corner but Riddle flips off the buckles and kicks him in the chest. Riddle lifts Jimmy with a gutwrench and spins around before slamming him. Orton tags in and stomps Jimmy’s extremities.

Orton avoids a clothesline and looks for an RKO but Jimmy shoves him away and bails to the floor. Jimmy and Jey hug, then Jey tags in and beats Orton back. Randy with a thumb to the eye, then tags Riddle and flips him onto Jey. Jimmy rushes in but gets sent to the floor, and Riddle hits a Penalty Kick followed by a springboard tope. Jey attacks Riddle and drops him on the barricade, then hiolds him up so Jimmy can hit a suicide dive.

Jimmy and Jey isolate Riddle and make tags to stay fresh. Jey hits a hip attack in the corner, but when he attempts another he gets caught with a kick. Jimmy tags in and continues the assault. Riddle counters Jimmy with a knee and both men are down. Tags to Orton and Jey and Randy hits clotheslines and powerslams, then wants the draping DDT but Jey slides to the floor. Orton goes out and runs him into the announce desk, then back suplexes him onto it.

Orton gives Jimmy the same treatment, then gets back inside and hits Jey with the draping DDT. Randy wants the RKO but Jey hits three superkicks. Riddle tags in and unloads with kicks. Jimmy returns and gets caught with a ripcord knee Riddle suplexes Jey, splashes Jimmy, then suplexes him as well. Senton to Jimmy butJey got his knees up and hit a neckbreaker for a two-count.

Riddle gets caught with a pop-up Samoan drop for a near-fall. The Uso’s hit superkicks to Riddle, then superkicks to Orton as well. They hit Riddle with a superkick sandwich but he bridges out of the pin! Riddle sends Jey into the post but eats an enziguiri. Orton blond-tags in but Jimmy knocks him off the apron and superkicks Riddle. Jimmy goes up top and hits the Uso splash to Riddle but Orton caught him with an RKO at the same time! 123.

Winners: RK-Bro

Score: RAW 4 – 1 SmackDown

It’s time for another video of The Rock’s career, and this one chronicles his return to the company nine years ago. The Rock wrestled John Cena at WrestleMania in Miami and defeated him.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are in Vince McMahons office. He thanks them for running RAW and SmacKDown but then notice Cleopatra’s egg is missing! Vince yells at them to go call the cops, then wonders who might have stolen the egg. He says they are in Brooklyn, so it could be anyone, then tells Pearce to interview every Superstar from RAW and SmackDown. Vince says he’ll be on RAW tomorrow night to get to the bottom of this.

WOMen’s Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

Team RAW Vs. Team SmackDown

Sasha Banks is leading Toni Storm, Natalya, Shayna Baszler and Shotzi for SmackDown, with Bianca Belair leading Carmella, Liv Morgan, Rhea RIpley, and Queen Zelina for Raw. Carmella starts against Toni Storm but tags out right away to get her mask. Carmella brings the mask inside and wants Zelina to put it on but Ripley shoves Vega, then Storm rolls up Carmella and she’s out!

RAW’s Carmella Has Been Eliminated

Sasha Banks tags in to go against Bianca Belair but Shotzi tags herself in. Shotzi forces Belair to the corner but Bianca talkes her down with a waistlock. Belair slams Shotzi and hits a splash, then tags Liv Morgan and throws Shotzi into her knees. Natalya tags in and suplexes Liv, then the two of them exchange pinfall attempts. Morgan wants a springboard bulldog but Natalya throws her off, then runs over her and hits a dropkick.

Ripley tags in and hits some short-arm clotheslines, then a snapmare and a dropkick to the back. Natalya tags Baszler and they team for a double suplex to Rhea. Baszler tries to stomp the elbow but Rhea blocks it. Baszler hits a twisting gutwrench slam for a two-count. Shotzi knocks Banks off the apron while Baszler and Ripley trade punches. Baszler blocks the Riptide but Rhea runs her into the corner and shoudlers her.

Ripley puts Shayna up top but gets caught with a flying armbar. Baszler transitions to the Kirifuda Clutch but Ripley rbeaks free and stomps her face repeatedly. Ripley wants the Riptide but Shotzi rushes in and attacks her. Now it’s time for every woman to rush in and attack each other until we’re left with just Ripley and Baszler. Shayna grabs the Kirifuda Clutch but Rhea jumps onto her back to break it. Both women make tags and in come Banks and Belair and the crowd erupts.

They go back-and-forth with counters to duelling chants fro the fans, and Belair taunts Banks. Sasha catches Bianca with the Bank Statement but she breaks free. Belair looks for a springboard but Banks counters her and hits a tornado DDT from the corner. Ripley comes in but Banks hits her and she tumbles to the outside. Belair slams Banks for a near-fall, then lifts her up for the K.O.D but she grabbed the hair!

Banks hits a headscissors and Zelina tags herself in, then Bianca military presses her onto Banks. Vega hits a headscissors and some running knees in the corner – for some reason all of Team SmackDown is just kneeling by the ring, watching like idiots. Zelina looks for Code Red and suddenly Toni Storm stands up, gets the tag, and hits a unique cutter for the pin.

RAW’s Queen Zelina Has Been Eliminated

Liv Morgan replaces Zelina in the match and exchanges reversals and pinfalls with Storm. Toni hits a headbutt and grabs the back but Morgan rolls her up for a near-fall. Baszler comes in but gets knocked back. Morgan hits Storm with a one-knee recoil, then tosses Shayna to the outside. Morgan hits ObLIVion to Storm and scores a pinfall.

SmackDown’s Toni Storm Has Been Eliminated

Shayna Baszler grabs Morgan from behind but Liv rolls her up for a two-count. Morgan lands some punches to Baszler and backs her up. Morgan looks for ObLIVion but Shayna avoids it and grabs her. Baszler drops Morgan and tags Shotzi, who hits an awkward splash, then Sasha tags in and she hits a frog splash and gets the pinfall.

RAW’s Liv Morgan Has Been Eliminated

The fans boo the elimination of Liv. Ripley connects with a big headbutt to Banks, then flips her into a stalling vertical suplex for a two-count. Ripley goes up top and hits a missile dropkick. Banks counters Ripley and hits a backstabber, then Shotzi tags in and hits an assisted, float-over Edgecution and landed on her own head. Baszler tags in and knees Rhea for the pinfall and the fans have gone pretty quiet. It’s 4-on-1.

RAW’s Rhea Ripley Has Been Eliminated

Belair is the last woman standing for RAW and she goes at it with Natalya. Belair hits a stalling suplex, then knocks the rest of Team SmackDown off the apron. Belair punches Nattie in the corner, then flips over Baszler before tossing her outside. Natalya powerbombs Bianca, then Shotzi and Banks both tags in at the same time and start fighting. Banks shoves Shotzi into Baszler, so Shayna shoves Banks. It all falls apart and Banks gets counted out!

SmackDown’s Sasha Banks Has Been Eliminated

The fans have not enjoyed these last few eliminations. Belair goes toe-to-toe with Natalya but quickly winds-up in the Sharpshooter. Belair counters and sends Natalya into Baszler, then rolls-up Nattie for the three-count. Baszler rushes in and knees her but Belair hits a Glam Slam for another pinfall and elimination. And we’re down to two.

SmackDown’s Natalya Has Been Eliminated

SmackDown’s Shayna Baszler Has Been Eliminated

Shotzi and Belair immediately start throwing haymakers. Belair backs her up but Shotzi grabs a trianlge choke and hangs over the ropes until the referee’s four-count. Shotzi looks for a crossbody from the middle rope but gets caught and Bianca rolls through. Shotzi wriggles free and hits a senton to belair hanging on the ropes. Shotzi looks for another float-over Edgecution but Belair slams her into the buckles. Belair then hits the K.O.D for the predictable win.

Winners: Team RAW

Score: RAW 5 – 1 SmackDown

Paul Heyman is stopped for an interview backstage. He says he knows nothing about Vince McMahon’s gold egg but they’re in Brooklyn, so anyone may have taken it. Kayla says she wanted to ask about Brock Lesnar, whose suspension is apparently no longer indefinite. Heyman says she should ask Adam Pearce and walks off.

WWE Champion Vs. WWE Universal Champion

(C) Big E Vs. (C) Roman Reigns W/Paul Heyman

The main event gets underway and they lock-up as the fans chant “let’s go Roman”. Big E forces Roman back, then they lock-up again and Big E shoves him away. Reigns bails and gets some council from Heyman. Reigns gets back inside and lands some right hands and a flying clothesline for a one-count. Roman stomps Big E, then gets him in the corner and punches him.

Big E ducks and leap-frogs Roman, then connects with a back elbow. Big E drags Roman under the bottom rope and looks for a big splash but the chief rolls out of the way and Big E crashes to the floor. Roman goes out and hits a drive-by as Big E leans on the apron. Big E hurt his knee on the landing and stumbles to the corner but Roman punches him down. Big E runs into an uppercut from Reigns.

Big E tries to fight back but gets caught with an elbow. Big E backs Roman into the corner but gets caught with a kick, then Reigns hits the ropes for a big boot and a two-count. Reigns tells the fans to shut up, then tosses big E out of the ring. Roman goes out and sends Big E into the ring post twice. Roman tells Big E this isn’t New Day, there’s no comedy crap in the main event, but Big E whips him into the steel steps.

They slowly come to their feet in the ring and Big E hits a trifecta of belly-to-belly suplexes, then a big splash. Big E wants the Big Ending but Roman counters with a Samoan drop for a near-fall. Reigns batters Big E with lariats in the corner, then gets caught with a urinage. Big E lifts Roman with a stretch muffler but Roman rolls up and over and lifts Big E for a powerbomb! Roman wants a Superman punch but Big E avoids it, then Roman hits a Rock Bottom for a near-fall!

Roman hits a Superman punch, then another, but Big E rallies and punches the mat. Roman can’t believe it so he hits a third and taunts the fans. Roman readies for a spear but when he turns around Big E is standing staring at him. Big E lifts him for the Big Ending but Roman slips off onto the apron where Big E spears him through the ropes to the floor. They get back inside and Reigns catches Big E with a spear but he kicks out!

Roman shouts at Big E that he doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with him, then looks for a guillotine but Big E runs him into the buckles. Big E attempts the spear through the ropes again but this time Roman grabs him with a choke. Roman relents at the behest of the referee, then gets him back inside and applies the guillotine. Big E starts to fade but suddenly flips Roman onto his shoulder and hits the Big Ending and covers but Roman grabs the bottom rope!

Roman rolls outside but Big E goes right after and slams him into the announce desk, then the ring post. Big E runs Roman into the barricade and looks to send him intot he steps but Roman counters. Reigns runs off the steel steps for a Superman punch, then gets him back in the ring. Big E lifts him for a Big Ending but Roman kicks the back of the knee, then hits the spear for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Final Score: RAW 5 – 2 SmackDown

That’s it for Survivor Sries 2021. WWE RAW was the runaway success story this year but we want to know what you thought of the show. What was your favourite match of the night? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for the fallout on Monday Night RAW. Until then, Stay safe.

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