Darby Allin recently blew off a fantastic program with MJF. While he lost the feud, the heel cheated, and balance was restored to the AEW multiverse for the time being. Fans were baffled when Allin, who also wrestled CM Punk in his comeback match, was placed in an angle with Billy Gunn and the Gunn Club on Wednesday’s Dynamite.

Allin was challenged by Gunn during a backstage interview. He accepted the fight, saying, “Screw it.” It was one of the few things on the show that got a negative reaction from fans. Dave Meltzer reported on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that it’s more than just a one-shot match.

“The Billy Gunn thing is just a match, but it’s not just for tonight. They are going to build a program around them, but whatever, let’s see how it goes.”

It makes sense to take a younger talent that you consider the future of the company and have them work with veterans. They’ve already done this to great effect with Sting. It sounds like Darby is going from feuding with the top face and the top heel at the time, to feuding with the Gunn Club.


The Gunn Club consists of 58-year-old veteran Billy Gunn and his sons, Austin and Colten. For the bulk of their time in AEW, they’ve wrestled on Dark and Dark Elevation. Most of their exposure on Dynamite came as fans during the pandemic era.

It may be that the company wants to establish the younger Gunn brothers as legitimate threats. It might also just be a vehicle for Darby to take cool bumps. Then again, something could branch off resulting in another major feud for Darby Allin. It will be interesting to watch how the story plays out.

What do you think of Darby Allin being put into a feud with Billy Gunn? Let us know in the comments!

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