Booker T is highly opinionated, as he should be, legend that he is. He has turned a few people off with certain comments, specifically ones geared towards AEW. He does finally have some words of praise for the promotion, and these are centered around the number 1 contender’s spot for the AEW World Title and how it all went down at Full Gear.

It was during a recent episode of the Hall of Fame podcast that he went into it in detail. He stated how much he loved the build of it , and as was seen on Dynamite last night, AEW certainly capitalized on that build. The level of heat already attained during that back and forth between Page and Danielson was amazing.

At the time though, Booker thought that they’d be going in a face vs. face type of feud – something that was evidently shattered on Dynamite, as mentioned. Regardless, Booker T was head over heels in love with the booking as it stood after Full Gear. He said:

“It definitely makes you have to look at things totally different now. [Brad Gilmore] said Daniel Bryan won the match and there’s no way in hell Adam Page is going to win that title. You automatically got suckered into the way the storyline has always been written. I must say you bought in and you got thrown off right there so that nugget right there tells me a whole lot about the way things really can be in this business if we really focus on trying to make people, like yourselves, think otherwise.


Now you’re never going to think the same ever again going into a finish when you’re watching those guys do their thing, you’re never going to think that. This goes to the realism of the way I’ve always tried to think about the way the business really, really can be. I’ve always thought it was to suspend the imagination of the fan that’s watching it at that moment. Of course, we all know what it is but at that moment I need to feel a certain way when I’m watching a movie, especially if it’s an action movie.

If I’m not feeling a certain way when I’m watching that action movie, I’m going to walk out and say ‘Man, that was a bunch of crap.’ I just think with professional wrestling, we have the ability to make the fans feel a certain way but if it’s not done a certain way, it’s just going to become the norm to go out and say this is awesome, this is awesome.”

Many would definitely agree with that. Especially now that the positioning has slightly changed with Danielson essentially turning heel, if that is what happened. He did play the part of heel in Norfolk, Virginia last night, so it’ll be interesting to see where it goes.

*Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote.

Domenic Marinelli

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