Kevin Owens is man waiting to get unleashed. The WWE superstar recently transitioned over to RAW to show his aggressive wrestling chops. The former SmackDown superstar recently scored a win after his feud with Big E took a turn for the worse.

Owens appeared on WWE’s The Bump, and talked about his on-going situation with Big E. He also basked on the glory of getting a win over at RAW, which was his first in a long time. KO scored a tremendous victory against Finn Balor after Balor was on the receiving end of his powerbomb.

Well, he’s a fantastic professional wrestler; he’s a fantastic performer. On Monday, I was better. It’s the first win in awhile [that I’ve had]

KO also have had a lot of pent up frustration oozing off him after he had a lot of impasses with the current WWE Champion Big E. He evaded most of the questions which he was asked on the show, and remained majorly vague. When panelist Matt Camp asked him if he had any regret over his actions with Big E, he replied:


What happened a few weeks ago with Big E… you know, I spent years trying to make stuff right from the past. None of it mattered. People want to say that I turned on Big E, but he turned on me, in my opinion. (Zolpidem) No, I don’t [regret anything].

Kevin Owens expressed that he was happy about not being listened to when he tried to demand his place back in SmackDown. With a year of almost nothing significant for Owens, he is ready to go above and beyond his limits to unleash his anger.

Yeah, probably. I think I’m glad that it didn’t. I tried to show people that I tried, and it didn’t matter. None of it mattered. Just like I said on Monday, why fight it? Everyone wants me to be this scumbag. So fine. I have no more energy left. I don’t have it in me to fight it, so here we are.

Owens has a lot to make up for, and he might start off with dominating the 5v5 match at Survivor Series. The WWE superstar was apparently supposed to have an NXT run after his WWE run. With his heel turn however, Owens is glad he received the switch to RAW.

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