Xavier Woods shocked the world when he won the crown and became The King of The Ring. The WWE Crown Jewel event had lot to offer, but this was the most interesting development. King Woods himself said he would be the king of the ring several times in the past, even when the tournament was not a thing.

King Woods has declared himself the king on social media several times. With this repetitive dibs calling, the New Day veterans claimed that his extensive use of social media and making fans associate him with the king of the ring led to his big win.

The WWE superstar appeared on Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin, where he explained how years of conditioning made him the true King Of The Ring. He added that he has a firm belief in the crown being truly his.

This is probably going to sound really weird. In my head, it legitimately belongs to me. I know that sounds weird and doesn’t make any sense. To me, it’s like the idea of kids calling ‘dibs.’ That’s how I feel. When I say speaking your truth into reality and existence, it’s not necessarily, ‘just say things are going to happen and they’ll happen.’ You have to work towards them and luck is the intersection of skill and opportunity. You have to be ready and make the opportunity for yourself. 


King Woods then said that he started preparing for the tournament a long time back. He thought that 2019 would be the year for him to win. While he’d been the only one getting hyped up about the tournament, he wasn’t in the tournament at all. The expression of his dismay, he believes, is what allowed it to spread more and more.

For me, I felt like I was keeping my blade as sharp as possible and I thought I was going to land in the tournament in 2019 because I had already been jazzing it up and I wasn’t in and I was like, ‘These mother… I am the only one talking about this.’ There’s that idea of people in the tournament, there’s an opportunity for them to win something they didn’t have before. For me, it’s winning something I always wanted, so it’s different. Every since yelling about it, especially when I didn’t make the tournament in 2019, I ramped it up a good bit. I was a little angry, I’ll be honest, I was a little upset. Legitimately hurt. I was like, ‘let me tell people about my hurt and maybe they’ll understand why I like this so much.’ In doing that, it started to bleed more and more into all of my socials. The WrestleMania announcement video, when they announced all those dates, I took that video, shot myself on a green screen as a reporter, reporting that they were bringing back King of the Ring. ‘Oh, we’re doing WrestleMania dates, there is no King of the Ring? What the hell are we doing?’ Then I shut it off. That sort of fun, dumb stuff, goes along well. It’s tongue and cheek and we’re laughing about it, but it makes you really go, ‘I wish they had King of the Ring.’ When people start to say that, every time they see you because they know how much you like it, your passion bleeds into them and it becomes their passion too. That’s what I think wrestling really is. This generation has access to social media and it’s strong and powerful. Why would you not take the ability to create that feeling in people and port it over to social media because now we’re interacting on days where there is no show.

King Woods ended the explanation with talking about how he did things creatively to spread the message more. He talked about the fake news segment he did on his Twitter about King Of The Ring being absent. He added that these things allowed for the message to continue spreading, and he finally has his moment.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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