Eddie Kingston made his AEW debut back in July of last year, where he faced off against Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship. While he was unsuccessful in the match, Kingston impressed many and signed with the company. It seems Kingston was compared to Steve Austin in a big way.

Kingston quickly cemented himself as one of the best talkers in AEW as his promos are known to be from the heart and very natural. He is also very passionate when it comes to the pro wrestling world.

For the past couple of weeks, AEW has been building up the feud between Eddie Kingston and CM Punk. It culminated at AEW Full Gear, where CM Punk defeated him after a very physical match.

While speaking on his podcast, Jim Cornette compared Eddie Kingston’s rise in AEW to that of WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin. He proceeded to explain his reasoning behind the comparison.


This is kind of, as Thunderbolt Patterson would say, it is a little Austin-ish. It is Austin-ish in the respect that it is a sudden groundswell of support and liking, fondness, admiration of, or identification with or whatever positive social interaction you may want to. The phrase you may want to use for a guy kind of organically and several things happening right at the same time.

To make it even more pronounced now, for the people who are going to **** on that when I know I am not saying that it is exactly on Austin’s level in terms of the business response or what it is going to do for Eddie. This is because there were what eight or nine or ten times as many people watching wrestling shows as there are back then as there are now. So it was, you know, obviously easier to multiply, you know, the response and the tickets to the pay-per-views, whatever. But it is Austin-ish in terms of it was not necessarily planned this way and it just started happening and happening naturally, and as I said, several things happen the right way and this article is not an article. It’s a first person account,

Eddie Kingston possibly suffered an injury during his match against CM Punk at AEW Full Gear. It was said he underwent medical examination and we will keep you updated on his injury status.

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