Eddie Kingston is one of the unstoppable forces in AEW. The superstar recently became viral sensation on Twitter after he said “Redeem Deez Nutswhile cutting a promo.

Kingston spoke with Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh, and talked about how he feels about AEW Superstar CM Punk’s return to WWE. He said that Punk looked hungrier than before after his return to pro-wrestling.

He’s one of the rare guys that has a name, that the name brings people in. Nowadays it’s AEW, that name, or WWE, that name, NWA that name. But when you put CM Punk, you’re coming for CM Punk. He’s become like an old-school name. I love it that he’s here. When I look in his eyes I see old Punk.

The AEW Superstar talked of Punk with respect to his different renditions. Kingston said that when he found Punk to be happier and way better than he ever was at WWE or out of pro-wrestling.


I see someone who is hungry again, maybe not hungry again but hungrier, and happier and mentally I can just see in his eyes he is in a better place than he was when I saw him maybe while he was with WWE at the end. I ran into him and he just didn’t seem like himself. Now he seems better than himself, you know what I mean?

Eddie Kingston’s rosary was blessed by the pope himself, which is one of the most interesting things he has ever pulled. His scathing promo on AEW aroused lot of negative reaction as well.

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