The finishes in recent WWE programming have come under fire for obvious reasons. It was no different when Friday night’s episode of SmackDown came to a close, with Roman Reigns taking ownership of Xavier Woods’ King of the Ring crown.

Regardless, the loss marks his first loss as a singles wrestler in a whopping 698 days. The last time he won on SmackDown as a singles wrestler was at TLC 2019, and that was to Baron Corbin at the time.

As it stands right now, Reigns has been enjoying quite the run as Universal Champion and has held that title for 440 days. It seems that no one can defeat ‘The Head of the Table’ on that front, although he allowed himself to be defeated on SmackDown via DQ.

The stipulation set for the match was very reminiscent of the one set between Woods and Jimmy Uso a week ago. The loser was to take a knee, acknowledging his opponent. This time around, it was done once again, only Roman Reigns was put in the match.


Now Roman did in fact lose, and he did take a knee, only it wasn’t to honor the king. After the Usos got involved with the match, Reigns was disqualified, naturally. He did take a knee, only instead of honoring Woods, he was crowned by the Usos as King of SmackDown, or so it seemed.

This seems to be planting the seeds for a feud between Woods and Reigns. Although why the match needed to go the way it did, his ruining his impressive streak and in such a way, is unclear and has many scratching their heads.

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Domenic Marinelli

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