WWE releasing Bray Wyatt was far from the end of his story in pro wrestling. With AEW Full Gear going down tonight that gives fans another reason to get excited about what is next for the former Eater of Worlds.

Windham’s name is trending throughout social media today. As Ringside News exclusively reported, AEW and Wyatt had spoken, but it wasn’t clear how far along any talks went. Tony Khan went on to claim that no formal talks have been breached, but you also never know when he’s kayfabing for the sake of keeping a big surprise.

It was also confirmed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there were plans to bring Wyatt in. Ringside News heard from our sources in AEW that the aim was to see Wyatt at Full Gear. His new Hollywood commitments might have put a damper on that plan, but it’s always possible to work around things.

One fan tweeted out to say, “With Windham set to start working on his first Hollywood project towards the end of the month there’s zero chance he’s showing up tonight at Full Gear. Maybe a teaser video at best. Hollywood insurance policies generally dictate no wrasslin’ if you’re set to shoot soon.”


Another fan commented on Twitter, “For real though, Chance of Windham showing for Full Gear is really really low but I would be surprised if he actually did show up, and yea he currently doing Acting atm just for him to shown up at a PPV.”

Impact Wrestling wanted Wyatt, but those talks fell through. That seems to open the door for one more option in AEW.

All in all, we don’t know what to expect at AEW Full Gear. There are certainly enough signs that nobody knows what Windham Rotunda is going to do next, because the ball is in his court now after turbulent time in WWE.

You can check out a variety of tweets below.

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