Dwayne Johnson recently appeared on Netflix’s “Present Company” podcast to promote his upcoming movie, “Red Notice.” In the conversation, Johnson talked about both, his wrestling and acting careers.

Johnson admitted that he was nervous while making the transition from wrestling to acting. He was enjoying a successful wrestling career, while his movies weren’t doing too well.

I was nervous, because at that time, when I made the transition to Hollywood after The Scorpion King, the rest of the movies I was doing at that time, they weren’t making any money. They were okay movies; at time they had a B movie feel to them.

Johnson also stated that it was a complicated period for him overall, since he was also going through a divorce at the same time. Johnson also stated that it made him think long and hard about the kind of father he wanted to be.


Johnson’s daughter, Simone Johnson, meanwhile, has decided to follow in her father’s footsteps, having signed a contract with WWE in 2020. Johnson expressed pride in his daughter.

The WWE has a great training facility at NXT. So she’s in it, she loves the wrestling business and I’m very proud of her. It’s awesome, and you know what’s great is that where we are today, and the impact that women’s wrestling has had on that industry today, is really spectacular compared to twenty years ago.

In recent years, Johnson has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the world of acting, having starred in several high-profile movies. However, it is evident that his love for wrestling remains to this day. Here’s hoping both Dwayne and Simone continue to excel.

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