Tony Schiavone recently shared his feelings on the fiery segment involving Eddie Kingston and CM Punk from this week’s AEW Rampage on his “What Happened When” podcast. The two exchanged words as they built up to their huge bout on Saturday at AEW Full Gear. He couldn’t say enough good things about the promo.

Schiavone talked to both Eddie Kingston and CM Punk backstage after the show. He said even the backstage agents were raving about the segment. Tony said someone even ask him if it was a shoot.

“That was amazing TV. I remember I was at the Go position watching and listening. I looked over at, I think it was Dean Malenko. Tony Khan, I’m not so sure he was over two seats from me. I remember looking, saying, ‘This is some entertaining sh*t we got going on here guys.’

Then it was over and then Eddie came to the back. I got up, went over to him, and said, ‘My God.’ He said, ‘Was it good?’ I said, ‘It was f*cking good.’ He said, ‘That means a lot coming from you.’

I said something to CM Punk too about how great it was. I don’t think on a wrestling promo that you can get better than that. We’ve seen good ones, but I had someone when it was going on said, ‘Is this a shoot?’ I thought wow, that’s when you know it’s good.”

Eddie Kingston has been everywhere since the confrontation. His essay in The Players Tribune went viral, gaining his character a ton of fan sympathy. He will face CM Punk on Saturday in the biggest match of his life, and it sounds like the match will have a ton of heat given the backstage reaction.

What’s your take on Tony Schiavone’s take? Let us know in the comments!

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