Karrion Kross was one of the top Superstars in NXT, which led to him becoming a two-time NXT Champion. However, in comparison, his run on Monday Night RAW was abysmal, to say the least. It seems Mark Henry really wasn’t a fan of his gimmick in WWE.

Karrion Kross debuted a new mask after he lost the NXT Championship. Since his first day on the main roster, he was seen without his fiancée Scarlett. Kross also revealed who came up with the idea of his mask.

Kross’ mask was a subject of ridicule for many. This is because his new attire on the main roster made him feel like he was wearing a gimp suit, according to many fans. Even Karrion Kross hated the helmet.

While speaking during an episode of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry criticized WWE for giving a gladiator gimmick to Karrion Kross. Henry added that he couldn’t believe WWE gave him that gimmick.

“You look at the world of entertainment. Sometimes it’s art imitating life, sometimes it’s life imitating art. When was the last time you saw a gladiator show? I’ll wait. Plenty of zombie shows on TV. Plenty of sports shows. Mortal Kombat-type characters, superhero-esque things. There are no Spartacus-type shows on TV to associate a Karrion Kross to.

He’s basically like taking something that he heard overnight and within a week transitioning and trying to make it mainstream in the world of wrestling. It did not work. What he had before in NXT everybody loved, we loved it. We talked about him, how great their entrance was, how cool his finish was, the fact that he could absorb so much punishment and still get the job done. Did they ever once show his resiliency in a match with one of the people that he wrestled on Raw or SmackDown? No. Not one time did he weather the storm, took a real good ass-whooping, and then made that comeback and made the crowd happy, and there you go, Karrion Kross. Not once.”

Karrion Kross was released as part of WWE’s latest mass releases that saw himself, Keith Lee and others fired. Karrion Kross already hinted at his next move after his WWE release, so it remains to be seen where Kross will end up next. 

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