Jon Moxley used to work in WWE from 2012 to 2019, where he was known as Dean Ambrose. Ambrose had a terrific career in WWE where he won several titles. In the end, he left the company after frustrations with his booking. It seems Moxley also had heat on him backstage.

Having worked in WWE for so long, he is well aware of how the company functions. However, that doesn’t mean Jon Moxley is a fan of everything that goes on in the company.

Jon Moxley had also recently stated that his matches in WWE sucked after Vince McMahon scripted all of them. Moxley finally released his autobiography called ‘MOX’ recently and it has been a hit with fans.

While writing on ‘MOX,’ Jon Moxley talked about his untelevised main roster matches before The Shield formed in 2012. At that time he came to know from Seth Rollins that he had major heat backstage due to what he said after suffering a concussion.


“Seth had learned that I had major heat. How the f*** is that? For what? Ooooh, right, now I get it. I had been on a loop the previous week and on the first night, I got stiffed really bad, knocked completely f***in’ stupid and barely finished the match in a total punch-drunk haze. I have no memory of what happened next because I was concussed, but when we got to the back, allegedly, I, a nobody from FCW, proceeded to motherf*** my opponent about it, in front of a locker room full of WWE stars.

You can imagine how this may have been received by some. I didn’t even know I had been concussed until the next morning when I realized I’d been totally out of it all night and couldn’t remember any of the match. No big deal, s*** happens. We had a great match the next night, and I didn’t think anything of it, but gossip happens. Third and fourth-hand stories get blown out of proportion, and before you know it, your reputation precedes you.”

Jon Moxley had a great run in WWE but he is more than happy being one of the main stars in AEW. From the looks of it, it is unlikely he will be back in time for future WrestleMania match anytime soon.

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