Nia Jax was released from WWE this week and many people were shocked. Jax even commented about her situation where she painted a picture that didn’t put WWE in the best light. They fired her after she asked for more time off for a mental break. Now she has 90-days left in her non-compete clause before she can move on.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the WWE cuts. He brought up Nia Jax’s situation and how this sent a clear message to the roster that nobody is safe from losing their job.

“She had done that [asking for a mental break] before, once before. That ended up dooming her, see here’s the problem with that. They don’t tell you no, but there’s a message that’s sent. Everyone is gonna see this loud and clear and go, like, they’ll say, ‘if you need time off and you’re on the main roster and you’re a star and you need time off — ask for it and we’ll give it to you.’ And they will. What’s the message here? The message here is like ‘we’ll give it to you, but when it comes time for cuts and you’re not on TV, then you’re prone to cuts. So, people are not gonna want to take that time off. Essentially it’s a bad message especially with Nia.”

Nia Jax was protected by Vince McMahon for years, and then she was cut. McMahon also always liked her, but it didn’t save Jax from release. This was a very clear message.


Also, Jax said the company made no mention of her vaccination status prior to her release. That might have had something to do with hit, but cutting the Irresistible Force while she was on a mental break doesn’t send the most comforting message to the rest of the roster.

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