WWE has been looking at a couple of different approaches to the way they manage their talent roster on NXT. One thing they’ve been thinking of doing is signing new talent (unless it’s a big name) to shorter 60-day deals and giving them an extended tryout. Another approach is to have scheduled talent releases every six months.

Bryan Alvarez said on the most recent Bryan and Vinny Show that the idea is to evaluate all the talent twice a year. If they’re not getting over and improving, they will be let go. The goal is to keep talent from getting stuck in NXT for extended periods.

“Everything has changed with this new NXT. They know what they want. It’s a certain type of person who works a certain way and talks a certain way and is trained from scratch and they get better quick and they move up or they’re out of there. This is the new way that it’s gonna work.”

The changes come in the wake of a mass release of WWE contracted talent. Obviously, WWE wants to keep things moving and don’t want to feel like they’re wasting their time and television exposure on those who they think aren’t going to make it. Those who don’t fit the mold will be gone in short order.


Alvarez also confirmed reports that some wrestlers were released due to being unvaccinated. He said that at least some of the names on the most recent list fell into that category. WWE appears to be over it.

“Yes it is true. I have heard this from multiple sources that there were individuals that were cut because they refused to get vaccinated. Clearly, it was not all budget cuts. There were at least a small handful of the names on the list that just didn’t want to get vaccinated and the company didn’t want to deal with it. And probably many other things as well. That’s the story.”

The huge cuts from WWE come at a time of great uncertainty for professional wrestlers. Ring of Honor recently cut their entire talent roster. Coupled with the cuts from WWE and their idea to not hire independent wrestlers going forward means a lot of people will have a hard time finding work.

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Michael Perry

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