Brodie Lee tragically passed away last year. The legend continues to live on in the hearts of many. One of those many is none other than Dark Order’s “10,” Preston Vance.

Vance has previously shared his struggles with finding motivation following Lee’s passing. The two shared a close friendship, and Vance often looked up to Lee. In a recent interview with “Inside the Ropes,” Vance spoke of his relationship with Lee’s son.

He’s the best. It’s funny because a lot of people assume I’ve known that family forever, and I did not know them until literally a week before Brodie passed away. I remember meeting [-1] and Amanda [Huber] backstage, and I knew who they were but I wasn’t in gimmick at all. I think Amanda knew who I was but little Brodie definitely had no idea who I was. So, I said hello and went along with my business. When I got into full gimmick, I was like behind them and little Brodie was like, “Mom, that’s 10!” And then he just gravitated towards me. I’m never super serious and always try to be lighthearted, so I think in a time that was hard for everybody, especially him, it kind of let him just be a kid again and take his mind off of it. We’ll do these charity events and Thunder Rosa will just be like, “You have the gift. No matter where we go, kids just gravitate towards you.” I think it’s because I naturally give off a big brother [vibe].

Brodie Lee Jr. has previously called Preston one of his favorite wrestlers. It is plain to see that the two share a very close relationship, especially now that Preston has also referred to him as family.


Lee Jr. has also expressed a desire to follow in Lee’s footsteps and become a pro wrestler, a dream that he has already been working towards. Here’s hoping that Preston and Lee Jr’s friendship continues to flourish. Check out the interview below.

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Abhishek Kar

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