Renee was a fan favorite wrestling analyst over at WWE. She spent years in that role and in other roles as journalist, host and despite her untimely exit from the company, many regard her in high standing. It is because of this that so many have wondered if she’d be appearing in AEW any time soon.

It was in speaking with Ariel Helwani on the Ariel Helwani Show, that Renee addressed these concerns and questions that have flooded the internet since leaving the company in 2020.

“I don’t know,” Paquette said. “I wish that I had a really juicy, meaty answer for you. But I don’t know. I’ve never talked to Tony Khan about it, ever. It’s never come up. I’m sure there could be a million different things that I could do there.

I don’t know what that is or when that will happen. But yeah, hopefully at some point. I think it would be really fun to experience things in another light, to work for another wrestling company. I’ve only ever worked for WWE, so it would be cool to see how things really work over there.


Obviously I’ve been there at shows and whatnot, but not that often because I’ve been pregnant over the last year and I have a baby. So I’m really not around often. But yeah, maybe at some point you’ll see it. But right now? It’s not on my calendar.

I love doing my podcast, I love doing the radio show. But I’ve missed television. I want to get back into that, and now, as the world is opening back up and productions are up and running, my baby is now four months old.

I’ve got meetings lined up, a couple different things on the back-burner. But I’m not sure what that’s going to be yet. We have so much going on over here right now. Jon’s doing a million different things. He’s working every promotion possible it seems. I’m constantly in this room, doing interviews, being on the radio. I’ve got a baby and we’re moving on top of that. So my head is spinning. I think by the new year should be an ideal time to really set the tracks in motion.”

Very much like the internet hype over Bray Wyatt joining the company just before their last Rochester, New York show…rumors that went nowhere, it would seem that a lot of AEW rumors these days are based primarily on such hype.

It turned out that Tony never even had a conversation with Wyatt before that show. So just like that, It seems like we’re going to have to be patient with Renee and others joining the fold over at AEW, and as always, we’ll certainly keep you posted.

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