Bryan Danielson is racking up the wins in AEW, but fans have noticed that none of his finishes are the same. This is by design, because Bryan Danielson wants to do things his way in AEW.

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WWE likes to control their matches in a strict way, much more than AEW. Where Vince McMahon’s company wants to operate with a formula, Tony Khan’s company allows their stars much more freedom to express themselves in the ring.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that Bryan Danielson wants to end all of matches in AEW differently. This is something he will likely continue until he must repeat a finisher.

“So the gimmick is that every single match, Bryan Danielson wins differently. I don’t know how long — eventually if he has enough wins, maybe he’ll repeat a finish, but right now the gimmick is that he never repeats a finish which is the exact opposite of what they want you to do in WWE.”

“In WWE it’s all about getting the finish over, and usually in AEW it is as well, but he wants to do it this way and they’re not micromanaging and nobody is there to say, ‘oh no we don’t do that.’ So this is what he’s doing.”

AEW gave Bryan Danielson a brand new platform to apply his craft, one where is isn’t confined to WWE’s booking. We’ll have to see what kind of matches he can pull off with that amount of creative freedom, but it certainly isn’t hurting matters when it comes to his match quality.

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