Booker T has been pretty vocal about how he doesn’t agree with Tony Khan’s tactics for attacking WWE via social media, as we’ve previously reported. Khan has been pretty loud in that regard, ever since Variety article came out recently and trended on Twitter, about how Vince McMahon and company finally have some competition in the business…that competition, AEW. .

Of course Khan’s tirade would continue, as WWE would respond by encroaching on Rampage’s Friday night timeslot by half an hour. Anyways, by now this is of course old news, but it would seem that Booker T doesn’t necessarily think so. He’s still talking about it, Booker seemingly really disappointed in Khan.

He made these statements on his Hall Of Fame podcast. He did reiterate some of his previous statements but did add quite a wee bit of constructive criticism as well. He said:

“So I’m not saying no one company shouldn’t throw digs or anything like that, but I’m just talking about the boss…The boss normally lets all of the soldiers — I mean, let’s just say for the commander in chief…he ain’t gonna be on the battlefield doing the work. He’s gonna be in the War Room, strategizing with all the generals…


“Calling out WWE on a regular basis, talking about WWE on a regular basis. Me personally don’t think it does a whole lot for AEW. Now, what I think does AEW a hell of a service, doing shows like they did it at [Arthur] Ashe Stadium. Okay, they got Target Center coming up. Go out there and produce! And I think you ain’t got to talk about it…

It must be noted that Khan’s tactics did pay off, however. AEW won the ratings war last Friday, specifically for that last half hour and for their target demographic. A win’s a win, as they say. Booker acknowledges this, but only to a certain extent:

“There’s a saying, man, you could talk about it, or you could be about it. Which one do you want to be? You go out and produce you ain’t got to say nothing; it’s right here. Until AEW came along, we really didn’t hear about the ratings. No one really cared about what WWE rating was until AEW came around…”

I would like to propose that Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer always cares and always has and will care about the ratings. The business is changing and right now, Khan certainly has the edge…and perhaps using the platform of social media is the only way to hold onto that edge.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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