Adam Cole was pretty much the driving force on the NXT roster for the last four years. There are many wrestlers on that roster that certainly can be added to that statement, but Adam Cole was something special for sure. That’s why it was such a shock for Adam Cole fans that he was pitched such a terrible idea by WWE on his possible call-up to the main roster.

A brief recap of what went down: Adam Cole’s WWE contract had come to an end shortly before he premiered at AEW’s All Out. WWE pitched him an idea if he stayed and promised him a spot on the main roster. The idea that they pitched him was that he was to be Keith Lee’s manager moving forward. They also said he was going to have to change his name, as they wouldn’t be able to have two people named Cole on the main roster, referencing Michael Cole, WWE’s longtime analyst.

The news made quite the buzz online, and although Cole stated that he parted with WWE on good terms, the idea he was pitched may have certainly left even him scratching his head.

Regardless, on a recent episode of Being The Elite, members of the Dark Order decided to troll what went down in those last few meetings with Cole and company over at WWE, and the results were nothing short of hilarious.

In the video, Adam is seen making a call when the Dark Order’s John Silver and Alex Reynolds sneak up on him. They kissed him during their match on Dynamite, and they drew attention to the hilarious in-ring moment, but Cole dismisses it stating that it meant absolutely nothing to him.

Silver and Reynolds proceed to tell Cole that he’s essentially worthless in the ring and that his true gift would be in the form of manager, and that he should think about managing them, hinting at what went down between Cole and WWE of course. The word priceless comes to mind.

Hilariously, Cole actually tries out an intro for the tandem but suddenly tells them to eat a load of excrement, albeit not that politically correct, and walks off. The comedy that unfolded during the match and that has unfolded on every episode of Being The Elite recently, proves that WWE lost quite the golden nugget in Adam Cole Bay Bay!

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Domenic Marinelli

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