Braun Strowman has had one of the best wrestling careers in the WWE in recent years. Having gotten the chance to fight the likes of Goldberg and feuding with another ex-WWE superstar The Fiend, Strowman was released from WWE.

Adam Scherr (original name) has been apparently busy doing a lot of things after his release. As he produces shows inspired by the pro-wrestling world and counts his blessings, the former WWE superstar did an interview with Sports Illustrated. After having been asked what he’s been up to, Strowman replied:

Well, I’m enjoying having some time down, you know. Running hard for eight years, being on the road for six years with WWE was an unbelievable opportunity and unbelievable experiences I got to see in life. But, I also missed out on a lot of things in life in normal day-to-day stuff with seeing my family, people getting married, births and you know, unfortunate funerals and stuff like that. I’ve been catching up on some of the day-to-day life. But, I worked on a project with a fellow WWE superstar, EC3, who wrestles for Ring of Honor now. We produced, all ourselves, a series called “Free the Narrative,” but it’s free. It’s on FITE TV. There’s one out already, “Free the Narrative 1,” where EC3 wrestles Matt Cardona and I’m in “Free the Narrative 2.”

Scharr continued to explain the way Free The Narrative operates. He explained that while wrestling matches are very small, FTN has the freedom to expound upon the real lives of the wrestlers and all they’ve gone through in life to come to this point. Strowman added:

It’s 90-minutes of cinematic style wrestling. It’s more than wrestling. It’s a movie where wrestling is small, but we narrate over the top of it and we tell stories of what the talent, what the wrestlers have gone through in life, trials and tribulations and how they’ve overcome it. It’s really based around mental health. I’m a very big advocate for mental health, and this was something for me to be able to express myself and get rid of some of the burdens and some problems that I was carrying inside of me and being able to talk and let it out.

The former WWE superstar also added that he’s been working on this app called ‘Discuss.’ The idea behind the app is having access to professional experts being only a few slides away for anyone who would like to talk to others and open up. It would stop people from doing the things they shouldn’t, he added.

Also, I’ve been working on a mental health app that I have coming out called “Discuss.” One of my business partners, John Paul DeJoria, who is one of the founders of Paul Mitchell and used to own Patron, he’s one of the backers of it. It’s something that is very, very important to me that will be launching very, very soon. It’s an app subscription on your phone that gives you licensed, certified mental health professionals in the palm of your hand. You can FaceTime, you can phone call, you can text message for those days when you don’t have someone to reach out to. When you’re having a bad day, you’re on the ledge and you need somebody to talk to. It gives people an opportunity to have someone to talk to so they don’t do the irrational things. It’s such a stigma in the world.

Strowman has been discussing ideas of work outside of pro-wrestling from before. The wrestling phenomenon recently met up a top Impact Wrestling Executive to discuss a potential position for himself in the company. He was recently deemed a creative inspiration by Raquel Gonzalez.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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