AEW opened the Forbidden Door and now they are mixing talent with companies once thought impossible. NJPW, Impact Wrestling, and more have ventured into AEW at this point. Depending on the wrestler in question, they might be already familar with the type of ring AEW uses.

Arn Anderson is a 63-year-old legend who is also taking bumps in the ring for AEW. That is a decision that shocked many fans, especially when Anderson takes spills off the ring apron. Cody Rhodes recently spoke out about one particular spot.

During a recent episode of Shot of Brandi, guest Stephen Amell asked Brandi what happened in that situation with the Enforcer. This is when Cody Rhodes entered the frame, because he was standing just off-camera the entire time.

“We designed our ring based on the New Japan specs. The aprons are extra wide so the guys and girls can do stuff on the apron. What happens, is the post is farther away. Normally, you can just wrap around the post and get to the other side. [Inaudible] That was the distance from about right here [holds arms out]. Arn’s not familiar with that and the ropes are smaller too, so he went to make that switch and there was nothing to hold onto. It’s the craziest thing a referee has ever told me, when Paul Turner said, ‘He fell down.’ [I said] ‘Who fell down?’ Then I just saw Arn. He’s a legend though and he threatened to shoot me.”

Arn Anderson is a legend, and he is apparently packing heat on top of it all. We’ll have to see if he takes another spill, but it is very interesting to know why AEW and NJPW rings seem to have the same functionality. This is something Arn Anderson apparently didn’t realize.

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