There is no off-season in WWE, but try telling that to Sasha Banks. She certainly takes lot of breaks, but according to the top female wrestler, it’s her secret to stay fresh and stay on top of her game. The game isn’t what it used to be. If the current WWE talent roster is capable of taking breaks, why not go with it?

While speaking to the New York Post, she alluded to the fact that she takes breaks because it serves her well. But when asked about why she mysteriously missed her highly anticipated match at SummerSlam. She skirted the question for sure, giving this statement to the interviewer:

“There’s no reason. I’m not telling you anything… (laughing) You’re not Oprah. You’re not the WWE Network, you’re not getting me the views. I’m not telling you my secrets. You can read my book. You can read my documentary when I want to speak about it. Thank you very much.”

Banks has missed a lot of time in recent years, and it isn’t just her that is being tight-lipped as to why she was absent. WWE hasn’t made any official statements either. It was in the same interview, that she spoke of the benefit of her much-needed breaks and how they benefit her.


“To me it’s not breaks. I’m kind of gone or off TV for one or two weeks. People think it’s like a big break. But you know there’s a lot of talent on the roster. It can’t always be the Sasha Banks show. I can’t be on every Raw and SmackDown, even though I wish I can…

“I’m a big star outside of the WWE, if you didn’t know. So I’m really booked and busy. If I can’t make the jet on time, I can’t make the jet on time. I can’t just have the plane waiting for me on their hands and feet. I’m just really busy. To me it’s nothing. I’m just showing up to work when I’m booked for work.”

Her next big match comes in the form of the Crown Jewel event, where she’s set to face Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship.

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