WWE released several Superstars from the NXT roster as part of their rebranding, which ended up being NXT 2.0. This included Bobby Fish, who was also released from WWE earlier this year. Since then Bobby Fish made his way to Major League Wrestling, and then also went on to get signed by AEW.

Bobby Fish competed as a tag team along with Kyle O’Reilly in NXT and various other promotions before that as well. Now he is back to being a singles star after Fish left his Red Dragon and Undisputed Era partner in WWE.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Bobby Fish talked about transitioning from tag team wrestling to becoming a singles competitor once again. This was quite a change, but Bobby Fish was ready for something new.

“I think it’s like, you get your bearings, you’ve got to give yourself that time,” Bobby Fish said. “But I think when you have done it for this long, transitioning between the two, I don’t want to say it is easy, but you know it’s going to happen. You just have to be patient with it sometimes.


They both have pros and cons to them, just like anything else. But towards the end of our run, Kyle [O’Reilly] and I stopped tagging, I did mostly singles. Then transitioning to NXT, it turned into a couple of years of mostly tagging. I don’t know how to categorize the tail end of my run, but now I am back to kind of a singles route, and I am happy about it.”

Bobby Fish is set to compete against Bryan Danielson on this week’s episode of AEW Saturday Night Dynamite. We will have to wait and see how Bobby Fish will fare in AEW, but he is off to a great start and has a winner’s attitude already.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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