John “Bradshaw” Layfield recently put over Brock Lesnar big time. JBL believes that the strength, size, and charisma of the Beast Incarnate makes Lesnar a perfect fit for Marvel’s blockbuster Avengers film franchise.

During a recent Q&A session on Layfield’s YouTube channel, JBL was asked about working with the decorated WWE and UFC champion. The former A.P.A. member could not have given Brock higher praise. The Beast Incarnate’s size and strength obviously left a lasting impression on JBL.

“Brock caught me, throws me in the suplex, and I asked him for before, ‘Brock, are you sure you can do this? Not strength wise, just the logistics of throwing a guy that’s really tall’ and Brock said, ‘I’ve been suplexing people since I was five years old.’

JBL also said that the superhuman strength of Lesnar could be useful in more than just pro wrestling and combat sports. The WWE Hall of Famer believes that Brock’s pure athleticism makes him like a superhero.


“He suplexed me so easily that I got up. I said, ‘Do it again’ and he grabbed me, and he did it again. And I said, ‘Do it a third time’ and this time, I didn’t do anything. He threw me like a child. The strength of Brock Lesnar is different. It’s like an Avenger. He should be an Avenger.”

Crossing over from the world of pro wrestling to the mainstream isn’t unprecedented. John Cena recently starred in The Suicide Squad where his performance was widely praised.

Batista became the beloved Drax in the wildly successful Guardians of the Galaxy series. CM Punk has become a regular on the critically acclaimed Starz series Heels. There are plenty of reasons to believe that if he wanted to, Brock Lesnar could follow in their footsteps.

Could Brock Lesnar hack it in Hollywood? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the quote!

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