Roman Reigns heel run is drawing money. If sources are to be believed, he’s selling more merchandise as a bad guy than when he was a babyface.

A recent story noted that Reigns was breaking “all time” WWE merchandise records. Wrestling media personality Brad Shepard did some investigating. Although the initial claims of “all time” merchandise sales among heels in WWE history was said to be untrue, Shepard reported some interesting tidbits.

Shepard cited an unnamed source within WWE as saying the following:

“There is no data reflecting it’s true in the sense of “all time.” Roman is presently our top merchandise seller and doing Cena-ish numbers. The Bloodline shirt has been a massive success. We also rarely rank performers by heel and face in terms of data. It’s very rare that a heel does the same or better merch numbers vs. when he/she was a babyface.”


The source noted one startling example of how difficult it is for heels to outsell faces in terms of merchandise. Becky Lynch, for example, is selling significantly less merchandise than during her face run as “The Man.”

“It’s very rare that a heel does the same or better merch numbers vs. when he/she was a babyface.” Roman is doing just that, I’m told. One example given to me was Becky Lynch, who currently isn’t selling anything like she did as a face.

Although Reigns isn’t putting up “all time” t-shirt sales, it’s still impressive that he’s outperforming a wrestler as over with the fans as Becky Lynch was. It’s even more impressive once you consider how far Roman had to climb to get the kinds of reactions he’s getting as of late.

After years of crowds rejecting a babyface, superhero Reigns, it seems that he’s finally being embraced. The Big Dog is doing big business as a heel for WWE.

Are you surprised that Roman Reigns is moving so much merch as a heel? Let us know in the comments!

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Michael Perry

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