Dominik Mysterio first debuted on WWE television years ago when he was a part of a very interesting storyline with his father. Eddie Guerrero claimed to be Dominik’s real papi, and Rey Mysterio had to fight to protect his family. That resulted in a ladder match where Vickie Guerrero missed her cue and really upset Latino Heat.

During Out of Character, Dominik revealed that his teachers used to actually wonder if that kayfabe action on WWE television was real or not. Of course, it wasn’t but it’s hilarious to think that there was a thought in his teacher’s brains that they might need to have Eddie Guerrero in for a parent/teacher meeting.

“Yeah, no, honestly, it was crazy being a kid and being on TV because I think the most exciting part about all that was being away from school. I was in third grade and the last thing I wanted to do is be in school, so I was getting to travel with dad and you know, ride bicycles all around the arena so like, why would I want to be in school?”

“But then like I would come back to school and all the teachers would be curious on like, what’s my home life like because they didn’t know if my dad was my dad or if Eddie was my dad or if there’s actually a custody battle for me. So some of the teachers had to pull my mom aside or my dad when they would come pick me up and ask them what’s the deal because they didn’t think it was healthy.

But overall I think the kids were kind of like — they also were very curious about who my dad was but I always had to tell them like, No, I’m pretty sure my dad is Rey Mysterio.”

That storyline is a famous one, and it gave birth to the “I’m Your Papi” catchphrase for Eddie Guerrero, a phrase that sold a ton of merchandise to boot.

Dominik Mysterio is now a WWE Superstar himself, and he doesn’t have any children. That wouldn’t stop Vince McMahon from writing that into a storyline on television. Then maybe his old teachers will send him congratulations cards.

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