Fans will often compare WWE and AEW, pro wrestlers are no exception either. Many members of the AEW roster have taken their shots at WWE to stir the fires of rivalry between the two companies. Bryan Danielson isn’t dragging WWE in any way, in fact, he’s spoken highly of Vince McMahon. Some fans might not like that he is silent when it comes to bashing Vince McMahon’s company.

Sports Illustrated Media Podcast recently spoke to Bryan Danielson where he discussed fans who were upset with him for not dragging WWE when he signed on with AEW.

“After I got a little promo and I said, ‘I love where I worked before,’ that got a huge chorus of boos,” Danielson noted. “But it’s true. I think that also speaks to it’s not just a wrestling culture thing. I think there’s also a tribalism in our country right now. The narrative of being on one side or the other, and I think most people are actually very rational and will enjoy both sides, but I think the harder edges, and those are the people who tend to speak out more.

“If you like both, you’re not going to go on social media and say anything controversial that’s going to get a lot of responses. If you say, ‘Oh AEW was great last night, but I really enjoyed this about WWE as well.’ Nobody’s gonna say anything. You just do one or the other. I think that’s one of the negatives of social media is it tends to emphasize the harshness in either direction.”


Bryan Danielson will continue wrestling for AEW, because he is a professional wrestler. He had some good times as a sports entertainer with WWE, but now he is doing what he really wanted to do in the first place. That doesn’t mean he will bash his former employer.

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