Doudrop made her way to the WWE main roster and she experienced name change in the process. She is no longer Piper Niven, the name she went by for years, as WWE gave her a one-word name instead. She also had to relocate to the United States and that called for some sneaky social media posts.

According to an interview with Fightful, Doudrop received word about her main roster call-up on March 1st. This gave her some time to prepare, but she also needed to make her way to America in a hurry.

Doudrop said that, in order to throw off the scent of her main roster debut, she actually posted older photos to social media during that time to give off the illusion that she was still in the U.K.

Niven said that she got word of her call-up to the WWE main roster back on March 1st, and it was tough to keep the secret, especially on social media. She quickly relocated to the United States, but didn’t want to let the wrestling world know that she was there, because they’d put the puzzle pieces together. As a result, she re-used old pictures from social media when posting. Upon getting the news, almost everything out because she was in shock.


It’s nearly impossible to keep a secret in pro wrestling, especially nowadays. Doudrop did what she could to throw people off her plans for a while and many were surprised to see her debut on RAW next to Eva Marie.

She also revealed that the new name took some getting used to. She didn’t like the Doudrop name at first, but it certainly grew on her. Now she is on the WWE main roster and preparing for her next steps after defeating Eva Marie once again.

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