Chris Kanyon will get a spotlight this week on Dark Side of the Ring. Just like last week, this could be a long episode for Ric Flair.

We previously reported that the Chris Kanyon episode of Dark Side of the Ring could be a bad one for the Nature Boy. Flair called in while Kanyon was on the Howard Stern Show and he defended WWE when it was alleged that they fired Kanyon because he was gay.

Ric Flair logged onto Twitter and he sent out a slew of tweets to prepare for the upcoming backlash that is likely coming his way. While responding to an article about that Howard Stern call-in, Flair said

Breaks my heart to hear later on that he took this so hard. Calling into guests that were seen as “hostile” to WWE was part of the job then. I should not have said that nobody had “ever” been released; there’s no way I could have known that for sure.


I was holding the company line. Love is love is love is love and everyone should be able to love whoever and however they choose without fear of reprisal. I wasn’t a huge Kanyon fan as a worker; but Chris Klucsarits was a hell of a good guy.

He then fired off a follow-up tweet saying: “Next week on Dark Side of the Ring: Ric Flair and Caitlyn Jenner were both born in 1949. Coincidence? Or something more…”

We’ll have to see if Ric Flair takes any big shots in this episode of Dark Side of the Ring. Ric Flair’s CarShield commercials were paused and he lost spot at the New York Comic Con. There are also calls for AEW to never bring him in.

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