Becky Lynch came back to WWE at SummerSlam. Her title win against Bianca Belair marked her for bigger storylines within the company. While The Man is going through bit of a heel treatment, her new role in the company is really jelling well with fans.

Lynch has gone through tremendous in-ring hardships to come here, and one of them was getting her nose broken by Nia Jax. In 2018, Lynch was slated to go against Rhonda Rousey at Survivor Series. However, a punch from Nia Jax broke her nose, which scrapped the plans for a match between Rousey and Lynch.

Jax and Lynch’s match up ended with The Man running into the crowd which blood dripping down her nose. While talking to GiveMeSport at WWE’s press event this week, Lynch revealed that the punch from Nia Jax was a blessing in disguise.

Gosh, I think that in retrospect, I need to buy Nia Jax a bouquet of flowers because I think i think without that image, you know, myself covered in blood on top of the stands with my arms out, like my career, it may not have gotten to the place that it’s gotten now, you know? So yeah, 100% it was a blessing in disguise. I don’t know what would have happened otherwise. We would have had our match, I probably would have won. Who knows? Who knows what would have happened?. It’s so hard to tell, but I am very grateful for everything that happened along the way.


Becky Lynch’s return to WWE was rather supposed to be at WrestleMania, but the plan for that got scrapped. She recently stated that the WWE Title Win for Big E offers hope to the world. Lynch compared herself to Conor McGregor, and in similar fashion, stated that she didn’t turn heel, she in fact got smarter.

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